Introducing ‘Volteface Voices’

Volteface Voices – a new podcast from Volteface HQ, is coming very soon. You can listen to our trailer here: We’re here to dissect policies relating to drugs, health, society, culture – and no doubt much more. It’s about time we get to grips with some of the more perplexing elements to our social policies. Our … Continued

Acid Flashbacks

“I first met Nick [Sands] when I was about 15. I was revising for my GCSE Chemistry and he visited; he’d recently got out of prison. He was an old friend of mum’s. I actually remember him trying to teach me Chemistry, mostly… Luckily, I didn’t listen! Nick’s a real teenager, young at heart.” We’re … Continued

In the Court of the North London Hippy

Who is the northlondonhippy? It’s a question I found myself asking two weeks ago after tuning into James O’Brien’s LBC Radio show, just in time to hear the self-proclaimed “fictional hippy and make-believe online drug activist” give a ten-minute interview about his new book, Personal Use, which describes his 36 years as a drug user. Whilst … Continued

LSD: For Love or Money?

Brutal gang violence, witness intimidation, torture, execution: these are the tools relied upon by those who work in the illegal drugs trade. It’s impossible to say exactly how many have been killed when deals have gone wrong. It’s certainly in the thousands, if not hundreds of thousands. But there’s one corner of the market that … Continued

Alchemy – The Spirit Survives

A symbol of resistance on the frontline of Thatcher’s Britain, London’s oldest Head shop closed for business after 45 years on New Year’s Eve. It’s the start of something new for owner Lee Harris, who first launched Alchemy on Portobello Road in 1971. An artist, activist, playwright, author, healer, herbalist, shaman and publisher – Lee … Continued

Here Come The Sunshine Makers

They say that ‘If you can remember the 1960’s, then you weren’t really there’, but the renegade chemists who provide the title and subject of Director Cosmo Feilding Mellen’s new documentary The Sunshine Makers beg to differ. In flagrant disregard to the old adage, Nicholas Sand and Tim Scully provide compelling evidence to the contrary, as they tell … Continued

What’s The Crack? [Podcast]

A brand new podcast brings an entertaining and informative take on the evidence behind drugs and addiction news. Lindsey Hines, one of the three show-runners, tells us why we need this. Stories on drugs and addiction, from cannabis legalisation to celebrity rehab, are in the news every day. But when was the last time you … Continued

VolteFace Voices: A Celebration of Great Writers

VolteFace was launched a year ago to change the public debate about drug policy in the UK. It had become stale. All over the world Governments are moving beyond failed policies of prohibition but here in the UK a fudging of the myriad issues of dealing with the supply and distribution of illicit drugs prevails … Continued