Legal ‘CannaBillions’ Pour into North America

A new report reveals that North Americans spent in the region of $7 billion on legal cannabis in 2016. An article in Entrepreneur details the findings, which show a 34 percent increase from revenue made in 2015. Arcview Market Research, a leading authority on the business of legal cannabis, have predicted a further growth of 25 percent through … Continued

Playing By The Rules

From cartel massacres in Juarez to London turf war stabbings, the buying and selling of illegal drugs is accompanied by violence. This, or course, has nothing to do with the drugs themselves, and everything to do with their illegality. Regardless of the goods exchanged, black markets lack neutral judges capable of enforcing their decisions, and … Continued

What Do The Club’s Regulars Think Should Be Done With The £100k Remains of The #SaveFabric Fund?

“You saved Fabric” reads the banner on the Farringdon club’s Twitter account right now. And that’s right; an arsenal of global followers creating a loud marathon of campaigning, protests, and petitions did the trick in the end. The process was lubricated by both the sharing power of social media and a flock of high-profile influencers … Continued

The Maine Event

“I think [November’s] going to be a watershed moment for legalisation in general,” said Rob Hunt, director at Teewinot Life Sciences. Hunt’s resume boasts stints as an attorney, consultant, and entrepreneur in the cannabis industry. Like many others who work in America’s sort-of-legal cannabis industry, he sees the coming election as a tipping point for … Continued

CBD Update: MHRA Delays Deadline for Manufacturer Compliance Until End of Year

Manufacturers of CBD products were rocked last month by the announcement that the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency had taken the the decision to classify products containing CBD as Medicines. While generally regarded as a positive move long-term, the decision to give manufacturers and retailers only 28 days to voluntarily comply had been met with … Continued

Zero Zero Zero

Zero Zero Zero – Roberto Saviano (London: Penguin Books, 2016) Roberto Saviano, an Italian investigative journalist, is most famous for his pioneering work Gomorrah, about the Italian organised crime group the Camorra. He now lives in hiding, a police guard always by his side, testament to the danger of speaking out about organised crime. His latest … Continued