Acid Flashbacks

“I first met Nick [Sands] when I was about 15. I was revising for my GCSE Chemistry and he visited; he’d recently got out of prison. He was an old friend of mum’s. I actually remember him trying to teach me Chemistry, mostly… Luckily, I didn’t listen! Nick’s a real teenager, young at heart.” We’re … Continued

Drug Policy: One Year On

What’s happened over the last year in drug policy? Have we made any progress? Has there been any tangible effort to reform our drug laws from within Westminster? Now’s your time to have your say and join us for the next live podcast recording for Stop and Search on the Distraction Pieces Network. Joining us … Continued

In the Court of the North London Hippy

Who is the northlondonhippy? It’s a question I found myself asking two weeks ago after tuning into James O’Brien’s LBC Radio show, just in time to hear the self-proclaimed “fictional hippy and make-believe online drug activist” give a ten-minute interview about his new book, Personal Use, which describes his 36 years as a drug user. Whilst … Continued

Undercover in HMP Northumberland

Joe Fenton went undercover for the BBC working as a prison officer at HMP Northumberland for two months, secretly filming the inner workings of the prison. What he revealed was an environment rife with drug abuse and violence where neither staff nor inmates felt safe. The documentary painted a desperate picture where officers have withdrawn … Continued

Chasing Drug Dealers: A War Of Wits

The BBC have broken a story about the cost of police informants, with £22 million apparently spent in the last five years. I’ve been on the radio debating this issue, as it’s crucial that the public know what is actually going on. If we can make people realise the harms caused by policing drugs, support … Continued

It’s Time To Take Back Control

It is impossible to imagine the grieving any parent must endure when they lose a child in tragic circumstances. To lose two is just too unbearable to contemplate. It was reported yesterday that Lord Monson is now mourning the loss of a second son, Rupert, who died after an attempted suicide last month. Five years ago, … Continued

Fumbling Around in the Dark

In preparation for the release of Volteface’s investigation into existing support for problematic cannabis use, we contacted a leading substance practitioner for a candid interview on the opportunities and challenges in the field. Here is what they had to say: Volteface: What is your role as a practitioner? To protect my identity, I have to be … Continued