High Stakes Review #001

Collaboration through honest, open discussion was the order of the day at Volteface’s latest event, High Stakes: Prison Drug Policy Symposium, held at London’s Barbican Centre on Friday May 5. To generate fresh ideas on how to tackle this crisis, High Stakes: Prison Drug Policy Symposium was the first in a series of events as … Continued

Why These People Stopped Drinking and Starting Consuming Cannabis

Last week was ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’ in the UK, and while mental health awareness is for many an all-year-round concern, the initiative has succeeded in sparking interest and debate on a subject of vital importance. As part of the festivities, The Guardian shared an interesting article wherein Matthew Todd suggests that ‘there’s still an elephant in the therapist’s waiting room: alcohol.’ The … Continued

An Abstinent Manifesto

From reading the leaked Labour manifesto this morning it is safe to say that the message is one of total abstinence. By that I don’t mean the Labour party have thought long and hard on drug policy and decided to provide an abstinence based message on drugs, I mean there is absolutely no plan, no … Continued

Transform Publishes Drug Policy Reform Manifesto for UK Election

Drug policy think tank Transform have published their reform manifesto for the upcoming UK election.  ‘A Manifesto for Drug Policy Reform: Protecting Families, Reducing Crime,’ includes recommendations intended to reduce drug related harms that are inadvertently permitted by current UK policy: Reform is an inevitable response to the failings of the punitive prohibitionist model of drug control … Continued

Has Soho Become London’s Version of ‘Hamsterdam’?

Local business owners and staff working in Soho, Central London, are reporting a dramatic increase in public drug dealing and consumption, with dealers and users of heroin, crack cocaine and spice starting to create cause for concern. Volteface spoke to bar staff working off Oxford Street, who detailed the rise in public drug related activity, … Continued

Change, Grow, Live

CGL (Change, Grow, Live) are the first drug and alcohol treatment provider to recognise that “Safer Consumption Rooms deliver an evidence-based approach to providing health services to some of the hardest-to-reach heroin users”. Safer consumption rooms, also named as ‘drug consumption rooms’, are facilities where illicit drugs can be consumed under the supervision of trained … Continued

Volteface Canada Dispatch #1

Canada is set to become the first country in the G7 to legalise cannabis for recreational use. As expected, the Trudeau government announced the plan before Easter and the new Cannabis Bill (C-45) largely reflected the recommendations of the taskforce report from last November. A number of elements of the bill tabled on 13 April … Continued