US Hospitals are Overrun with Opioid Related Issues

The Washington Post reports that hospitalisations for opioid related issues have increased sharply in recent years. The US government has this week published new data which reveals that there has been a ’64 percent increase for inpatient care and a 99 percent jump for emergency room treatment compared to figures from 2005′ in regards to opioid related hospitalisations. … Continued

Cannabis, Period.

New York state lawmakers are set to approve cannabis treatment for menstrual cramps. Medical cannabis is already legal in 29 American states, and is used to treat or ease symptoms of a variety of conditions. In addition, US companies like Whoopi & Maya already manufacture cannabis based products aimed at women, including tinctures and balms. The proposed bill … Continued

Volteface and Metropolis Announce Manchester Spice Summit for July 14th

MetroPolis and Volteface are proud to announce details of our one day event which will bring together key experts and stakeholders in a bid to work out how best to tackle the city’s ‘spice’ crisis. Spice has become a huge public health issue in the UK – Volteface has committed itself to covering and analysing the alarming increase of adverse effects connected … Continued

Is the Time Right for Drug Consumption Rooms in the UK?

Drug consumption rooms have historically been seen by some as crossing a ‘red line,’ but recent events in the UK and internationally show that opinions are starting to change. Drug consumption rooms allow the consumption of illicit drugs under the supervision of trained staff, with the aim to reducing the acute risks of disease transmission through unhygienic injecting, preventing … Continued

Five Things We Learned From The Global Drug Survey 2017

The findings of the 2017 Global Drugs Survey were released this week, which gathered data from 115,000 people around the world. Although, by looking at the demographics (and additionally considering that taking the survey requires having Internet access), we can see that this by no means represents the experiences of all drug users, worldwide, the … Continued