German Parliament Legalises Medicinal Cannabis

German parliament has voted unanimously to legalise the medicinal use of cannabis. In a vote on Thursday, the Bundestag (German parliament) gave their approval to a bill put forward by the Health Ministry. The amendment to existing drug laws will enable patients with specifically approved conditions, such as those undergoing chemotherapy or suffering from MS, will … Continued

What’s The Crack? [Podcast]

A brand new podcast brings an entertaining and informative take on the evidence behind drugs and addiction news. Lindsey Hines, one of the three show-runners, tells us why we need this. Stories on drugs and addiction, from cannabis legalisation to celebrity rehab, are in the news every day. But when was the last time you … Continued

Medicinal Cannabis Under The Microscope

An extensive study by the US government evaluating the medical properties of cannabis has just been published. The study, which is the “broadest review by the National Academies of Sciences since 1999,” has found “conclusive” evidence to support treatment for the following medical conditions: Nausea: “there is conclusive evidence that cannabinoids, compounds derived from marijuana, are useful … Continued

The Acid Test

This Article was originally published on The Third Wave and The Psychedelic Scientist. Call LSD ‘neurotoxic’ in a psychedelic community and see how far that gets you. You’ll probably evoke some laughter, maybe some scorn, but not much else. For the millions of people who take LSD and similar psychedelics every year, and the tens of millions who … Continued

Breaking Down The Black Report

This is the time of year we’re meant to reflect on our supposed over-indulgence over Christmas and New Year, perhaps committing to a Dry January without alcohol, or a new diet or exercise regime. While some of the interest and publicity given to these campaigns might come from a public health perspective, it can often … Continued

A Psychedelic History

As we attempt to get our respective New Years resolutions in motion, Slate have shared a history of psychedelics, detailing their use as a therapeutic tool for squashing vices and healing depression. Author Don Lattin opens proceedings with an account of Arthur King, who had submitted himself to LSD-based treatment for the alcoholism that had threatened his livelihood as … Continued