Zinc: Innovation for Unmet Mental Health Needs

A new innovation system that looks to tackle chronic social problems in the developed world has been launched by Paul Kirby, Saul Klein and Ella Goldner. Their new venture, Zinc, builds tech businesses through the process of a six month programme, focused around a single mission. Their first mission is focused on mental health. At … Continued

Ketamine Could Help Fight Treatment-Resistant Depression

Each year, more people are seeking professional help for their mental health issues. With the NHS struggling to meet the increasing demand for mental health services and with waiting lists for psychological help as long as 1-2 years, GPs are prescribing ever more antidepressant medication. As a result, the number of people taking these pills … Continued

Green Screen Report Launches

Volteface are delighted to announce the UK launch of the Green Screen report by author Mike Power (Drugs 2.0). The Green Screen – a new policy report that outlines the benefits of an online regulated market for legal cannabis. Just as streaming services such as Spotify have hugely diminished music piracy, an online-only, legal cannabis … Continued

Addiction: A Creative Solution

Peru’s National Institute of Mental Health has been pioneering a new way of treating addiction. Dr. Valladolid is at the forefront the controversial method, which is based on art therapy. Patients are ‘abducted’ from their homes with the help of family members before being admitted into hospital. There they will receive artistic and holistic addiction … Continued

Cannabis: It’s A Pleasure

Unsurprising but true: policy documents and treatment interventions developed to tackle illicit drug use do not acknowledge the social benefits, and indeed pleasures of, substance use. It would make little sense to continue prohibition if there was no industry voice whatsoever to advocate such a message. In this article we will focus on what this … Continued

The Boy in 7 Billion

Against all the odds, brave mother Callie Blackwell and her husband Simon saved their terminally ill son Deryn – of that there is no doubt. Their story is reminiscent of 30 years ago in the United States, where the Odone’s saved their terminally ill son Lorenzo through research, trial and error, and the eventual development of … Continued

Splitting The Kratom

“People who use drugs are as different to one another as coffee drinkers are.” (Dr James Rowe, specialist in the sociology of drug use) The term “coffee drinkers” is cleverly chosen to feel incongruous. You’ve almost certainly accepted, refused, made or purchased coffee today, but no one self identifies primarily as a “coffee drinker,” and … Continued