What’s happening in the UK, DrugWise?

There’s no such thing as a current overview of drug trends: “By the time they’re published, most official reports are way out of date,” says freelance journalist and celebrated Narcomania author and columnist Max Daly, explaining the impetus for “Highways and Buyways.” Providing insights about “the myriad patchwork nature of the UK drug market” – … Continued

Connection Between Intelligence and Cannabis Use in Adolescence Provides Fresh Headache for Researchers

(arindambanerjee/Shutterstock.com) Philip Murphy, Edge Hill University Children with high and medium academic ability at age 11 are more likely to use cannabis in late adolescence compared to children with low academic ability, according to a new study published in BMJ Open. The researchers, from University College London, examined the school records of more than 6,000 … Continued

In a Traumatised World, is Psychedelic Therapy our Best Hope for Change?

Could there be one factor that links together conflict, climate change, racism, anxiety and eating disorders? Natalie Ginsberg from MAPS, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, thinks that a thread of trauma runs through all of these phenomena. And the key to unlock this trauma, returning compassion and balance to individuals and society? – MDMA. MDMA, … Continued

Supervised Injecting in Ireland

On 10th February 2017 Ireland moved one step closer towards the government’s stated policy of dealing with drug use as a health issue and not a criminal justice one, as the ‘Misuse of Drugs Act (Supervised Injecting Facilities) Bill 2017’ was published. When enacted, the Bill will provide a legal framework under which supervised injecting … Continued

Pulling The Wool From Our Eyes

Volteface launched ‘Black Sheep: An Investigation into Existing Support for Problematic Cannabis Use’ on the 7th of February.  Dr Will Haydock spoke on the panel at the launch event – here are his reflections: My background as an academic is really in alcohol policy, where I’ve always been frustrated by the adversarial relationship between ‘the industry’ and … Continued

LSD Brainwave and Sound Art Hackathon

Since the 60s the prohibition of drugs has stifled scientists ability to research the potential benefits of mind altering drugs such as LSD. The stigma attached to researching the drugs makes it challenging to get grants and expensive to conduct the research as the drugs need to be made bespoke for the trials. In 2014 … Continued

Call for Volunteers: Do You Smoke Cigarettes Everyday?

Researchers from the UCL Clinical Psychopharmacology Unit are seeking daily cigarette smokers to take part in a study investigating the effects of Cannabidiol (CBD) on nicotine withdrawal. The study involves one hour and a half session where you smoke as normal and two sessions of about four hours where you’ll be asked not to smoke for twelve hours before the sessions. … Continued