Is Doping So Bad?

At the weekend, Justin Gatlin sprinted to victory in the 100m at the World Athletics Championships, beating fellow American Christian Coleman and the famous Usain Bolt into 2nd and 3rd place respectively. Gatlin received a distinctly frosty response from the crowd however, who booed him as he celebrated his win. This is because Gatlin has a reputation … Continued

The MS Society Comes Out In Support Of Medical Cannabis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) sufferers should have access to legally regulated medical cannabis, according to a major MS charity. They claim that one in ten sufferers of the condition could use it to ease their pain and spasticity as a last resort when other medication does not work. However, cannabis is currently a schedule one drug, … Continued

The Value of Testing Services

Recently there have been comparisons of the relative value of publicly accessible ‘front of house’ drug safety testing with ‘back of house’ lab-based testing only accessible to services working with people who use drugs. We suggest here that rather than competing models, we should aim for a gold standard testing system that includes both, in … Continued