‘Back Yard’ Launches at House of Lords

Brilliant place to discuss the feasibility of establishing drug consumption rooms. Room for one here? @VoltefaceHub pic.twitter.com/1gsOuCF4NL — judith yates (@judithyates1) November 28, 2017 At the #HouseofLords for the launch of Back Yard, @VoltefaceHub latest report by @mccullochlizzi1 pic.twitter.com/bEeFefoyJE — Pierre-Yves Galléty (@PYGallety) November 28, 2017 At the #HouseofLords for the launch of Back Yard, … Continued

Volteface launch their latest report ‘Back Yard’

Volteface publish ‘Back Yard’, a report commissioned by the Drugs, Alcohol and Justice Cross-Party Parliamentary Group, identifying that existing policies are failing communities and society’s most vulnerable people. This can be seen through rising drug-related deaths and litter in the UK cities. ‘Back Yard’ examines the feasibility of establishing drug consumption rooms in the UK by … Continued

Are Drug Consumption Rooms Viable in The UK?

Back Yard, Volteface’s new report on drug consumption rooms, launches Tuesday the 28th of November. The time is right to look at new ways of reducing mortality among people who use illicit drugs. Across the UK, we are seeing record levels of drug-related deaths. These deaths often occur among people who use heroin, as well … Continued

Stakeholders React to Proposed Regulation for Cannabis in Canada

As Health Canada publish their Proposed Approach to the Regulation of Cannabis and launch a 60-day public consultation, politicians, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders were quick to express their views on the matter. Entrepreneurs seem satisfied with this long awaited proposed regulation as recreational cannabis will be officially legal in a little over eight months, Dan … Continued