Could Switzerland Become the First European Country to Legally Regulate Cannabis?

This article was originally published on TalkingDrugs.  Nine years after a Swiss referendum failed to gain public approval for cannabis legalisation, a campaign group has reignited the movement for reform. Legalize It, a Zurich-based group, has launched a campaign to legally regulate cannabis across Switzerland. The objectives of the initiative, Legalize It describes, are three-fold: … Continued

Tax Attacks

Ask most people what the current single greatest threat to the blossoming US marijuana market is, and you’re likely to hear one of two names in reply: Donald Trump or Jeff Sessions. Despite Trump’s insistence that he is 100% behind medical marijuana, he is seen – naturally – as unpredictable; just as likely to order … Continued

Volteface Announces New Collaboration

Volteface is pleased to announce its collaboration with leading academics from the Substance Use and Addictive Behaviours Research Group at Manchester Metropolitan University Criminology Department. Rebecca Askew and Rob Ralphs have been awarded the Chancellor’s Fellowship Award by MetroPolis, a new think tank seeking to ensure that academic work informs policy development. Dr Rob Ralphs … Continued

The Hidden Cannabis Crackdown: Part Two

This article was originally published on Leafly. Joel and Jessica Guerrero: Caught in the Trap A legal resident living in upstate New York was arrested late last month, and is now awaiting deportation—all for a decade-old misdemeanor cannabis conviction. President Trump recently lauded his stepped-up immigration enforcement policy for weeding out “drug lords” and “really bad … Continued