Poland Votes To Legalise Medical Cannabis

Polish lawmakers have this week voted to legalise medical cannabis. The EU member voted overwhelmingly in favour of the move – only 2 politicians out of 443 voting against the bill. Pending approval from the senate, the legislation will make Poland the latest country to embrace medicinal cannabis, joining the likes of the Czech Republic, Portugal … Continued

Mexico Legalises Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis is now officially legal in Mexico, it was confirmed in a decree published by President Enrique Peña Nieto yesterday. The medical cannabis bill received overwhelming support in both the Senate in December 2016 and in the Lower House in April (the former passing with 98-7 in favour and the later with 347-7) and … Continued


Whilst the shockwaves of last week’s General Election continue to rumble on, many reformers are turning their attention to what all this upheaval and uncertainty means for the future of drug policy in the UK. It seems very safe to assume that a Conservative government, particularly one led by Theresa May, and certainly one propped … Continued

Volteface Canada Dispatch #2

After legalisation plans were presented to Parliament, the last month has seen a surge of activity in the wider cannabis sector as investors, producers, consultants and campaigners rush to organise themselves and prepare for the new consumer market expected to come online later next year. In every province the issue has been in the news, … Continued

Evidence-Based Policy-Making: A Myth to Believe in

This article was originally published on Democratic Audit UK In the era of Trump, is evidence-based policy-making dead? John Boswell argues that while Evidence Based Policy Making (EBPM) is ultimately a myth, it is a useful one which plays an important role in democratic deliberation. It underpins and enables democratic contestation in a way that no … Continued

Canada Just Made It A Whole Lot Easier To Enter The Legal Weed Game

(This article was originally published on KINDLAND) The Canadian cannabis market is blowing up right now––or at least it soon will be. In April, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s administration unveiled its plan to legalize recreational use of marijuana for adults. Trudeau’s bill, which allows possession of up to 30 grams of cannabis and restructures criminal penalties (among other … Continued

No Smoke Without Lots of Angry Prisoners

“The Government’s campaigns against new psychoactive substances (NPS) and mobile phones being smuggled into prisons have utterly failed. All prisons are completely awash with drugs and mobiles. If they can’t stop mobile phones, cannabis, heroin and NPS getting into prisons, what hope, really, do they have of stopping tobacco?” Prisoners will stop smoking. According to … Continued