Watching the Canadian Cannabis Industry Evolve

Lamps, fertilisers, harvesting tools and security devices, inventory software, storage containers and testing equipment – such products are already used by the black market in every country where cannabis is classified as an illegal drug. And yet last weekend here in Niagara, Ontario, for a special conference and expo were the black market’s mainstream counterparts and … Continued

French Study Suggests Legalisation Of Cannabis Increases Consumption If Regulation Is Not Handled Properly

Last week I attended Cannalex in Paris, a conference presenting the results of a study conducted by French academics comparing regulation experiences of cannabis in the States of Washington, Colorado, and Uruguay. The results show that reforming cannabis is no easy task. This study focused on the context in which the reforms took place and … Continued

Paul Flynn MP: 30 Years of Advocacy for Medical Cannabis

Next Tuesday, MP Paul Flynn will raise the issue of access to medical cannabis for the patients who seek it, while the United Patients Alliance will host a tea party in front of the Parliament to raise awareness around medical cannabis. Volteface interviewed Paul Flynn about his fight for cannabis legalisation. You’ve been an advocate for the legalisation … Continued

New Justice Secretary, Same Problems

I welcome the emphatic departure from his predecessor by unreservedly defending the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary. If Lidington is to succeed, with the odds stacked against him, he must work hard to reverse the groundswell of distain for this government by the judiciary and others working in our once-renowned justice … Continued

Calling Techno Tories

We are delighted to be partnering again with the Adam Smith Institute, and for the first time with the Night Time Industries Association, to present a fringe event at this year’s Conservative Party Conference on club drugs, harm reduction, and the night time economy. Clubbing may not be all attendees’ top priority, but with the Conference returning to Manchester, … Continued