Drugs and Trump

I never intended to write about Trump. I was writing about drugs, yet whenever I was in a white community filling with drugs I saw Trump support. Wherever I saw hope leaving a white neighborhood, I saw drugs and Trump entering.

Watch: The Canadian Model

Volteface recently visited Toronto and Ottawa to learn more about the Canadian government’s plans to regulate adult use of cannabis. Alex Brewerton sat down with three of the team that went on the trip to pick their brains about the Canadian model. From the motives driving the Government, to the man in charge of executing … Continued

No Shelter

“People are just pushing it and pushing it and pushing it to see how much they can use. I’ve known people who have been using three to four 10 gram bags a day of Spice. We’ve had people who have gone to hospital because they’ve passed out and, as soon as they’ve come around, they’re … Continued

Not Up For The Sesh

Jeff Sessions, the new United States Attorney General, voiced his opposition to cannabis legalisation on Monday and his arguments are… not based in fact. Sessions has argued that cannabis is linked to violence, that the potency of cannabis today is dangerous and that state-level regulation leads to increased youth consumption, despite evidence to the contrary. “Experts … Continued

Sniffer Dogs: Doing More Harm Than Good

Emily Lyon, a 17-year old girl who died at the London O2 Arena last year, had collapsed from an ecstasy overdose, the inquest heard last week. She had taken a quarter of a gram on the way to the venue, and then a further quarter whilst standing in the queue, after seeing sniffer dogs and fearing … Continued