Getting Back To Basics

There have been many attempts in the UK to introduce drug consumption rooms but never before has the matter been debated in Westminster. Ronnie Cowan, MP for Inverclyde, secured the debate last Wednesday and introduced it by laying out need and evidence. Drug-related deaths are rising in the UK and Cowan described how drug consumption … Continued

Welsh Assembly Calls To Legalise Medical Cannabis

The National Assembly of Wales held Wednesday a debate on whether medical cannabis should be made available to those who need it. The result of the debate is encouraging for medical cannabis campaigners and advocates. The debate took place after a number of Assembly Members (AMs) shared their concerns for the safety of patients who … Continued

Cannabis In The UK  —  A Call For Partner Support

Around sixty years ago, cannabis effectively arrived in the UK when new migrants from former British colonies brought with them a habit for using it recreationally and for its therapeutic benefits.   Despite often heavy handed enforcement by the police, cannabis use increased among the population in the 1960s and 1970s. Estimates vary and available … Continued

Colorado Hits Back At Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions has been threatening to take action against the legalisation of cannabis in US States for quite some time but few expected him to rescind the Cole Memo. But then again, there are a lot of things we didn’t expect from this administration. Politicians, regulators, investors and campaigners have been swift to show their … Continued