Volteface TV: Drug-Related Deaths and Medical Cannabis

Volteface TV – CLICK HERE TO WATCH In this episode of Volteface TV, Paul North, Hardeep Matharu and Clark French discuss the latest ONS figures on drug-related deaths published this week and explore the questions around the medicinal use of cannabis, which for many remains illegal. Paul North is Communications Director at Volteface. Hardeep Matharu … Continued

A War Worth Ending

  In today’s ever-increasing, transitory society, change happens rapidly. The last decade alone has brought us the advent of smartphones, online streaming, a robust social media, the rise of artificial intelligence, and even altered the way we date. Moreover, 2008 was a time of global economic uncertainty marked by the great recession. This intense transformation … Continued

Reducing Harm From A User’s Point Of View


This week I met with Dominic Milton Trott, the author of The Honest Drug Book: A Chemical & Botanical Journey Through The Legal High Years. A keen advocate of harm reduction, Dominic experimented with a large range of drugs with the aim of building a comprehensive guide to taking them whilst minimising the potential harms. … Continued

Cannabis and Young People: A call for contributors

  Volteface is investigating how effectively UK policies around cannabis are safeguarding young people. Theresa May has promised that she is pursuing a war on drugs, and that such an approach is working. While such strong rhetoric might sound convincing, we want to know what this  stance actually looks like in the context of cannabis … Continued