Volteface Issue a Statement on ‘Carly’s Amnesty’

  Sunday, April 14th Volteface would like to clarify comments made in various news outlets today. It has been incorrectly reported that the recently launched initiative, ‘Carly’s Amnesty’, is a Volteface campaign. ‘Carly’s Amnesty’, is actually being supported by the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis, under the leadership of Steve Moore, and is not attached to Volteface. … Continued

Pharmacist’s Comment: Why Reclassifying Pregabalin and Gabapentin Won’t End our Prescription Drug Misuse Problem

  This month sees the reclassification of prescription drugs gabapentin and pregabalin into Class C of the Misuse of Drugs Act. The tightening of regulations around these drugs comes in response to concern over the increased death rate associated with the medication, 190 deaths were recorded in England and Wales alone in 2017, compared with … Continued

Volteface Comment: Why the Right Should Endorse DCRs

  Despite the chaos of Brexit, Westminster support for drug consumption rooms has hit an all time high and, for the first time, the call for reform has come from a centre right think tank, the Adam Smith Institute. Drug consumption rooms (DCRs) operate in 60 cities worldwide and act as professionally supervised healthcare facilities … Continued

Volteface Podcast #4: Jessica Steinberg – Women in Cannabis

  This month on the Volteface Podcast, our Director of Policy Lizzie McCulloch catches up with Oxford University PhD student, and Co-Founder of entOURage Network, Jessica Steinberg. Liz & Jessica discuss women’s experience of regulated markets, both from the perspective of consumers, professionals and entrepreneurs, before honing in on what is like to be a female cannabis … Continued

Drug Safety Testing: A Brief Home Office Timeline

  Last week, the UK’s first drug safety testing clinic to be licensed by the Home Office opened its doors in Weston-Super-Mare. Whilst this is a very welcomed and progressive move by the Government, they have not always been so favourable to drug safety testing. Here is a timeline of their positions on drug safety … Continued