Caught In The Act

May 26th, 2016: The Conservative Government’s long awaited and much-criticised Psychoactive Substances Act finally comes into force, at a stroke outlawing hundreds, if not thousands, of products that had previously been perfectly legal. Everything from Kratom to Black Mamba, by way of Salvia Divinorum, and Gogaine, has, over the previous weeks, been hurriedly gotten rid of. A … Continued

Cannabis Treatment and Child Exploitation

A new report by the Children’s Society on behalf of Public Health England highlights the relationship between sexual exploitation and drug use. Like their adult counterparts, young people in specialist drug treatment have a range of complex problems that extend beyond drug use. The latest treatment data from England reveal that 38% of young people (anyone … Continued

The Acid Test

This Article was originally published on The Third Wave and The Psychedelic Scientist. Call LSD ‘neurotoxic’ in a psychedelic community and see how far that gets you. You’ll probably evoke some laughter, maybe some scorn, but not much else. For the millions of people who take LSD and similar psychedelics every year, and the tens of millions who … Continued

Breaking Down The Black Report

This is the time of year we’re meant to reflect on our supposed over-indulgence over Christmas and New Year, perhaps committing to a Dry January without alcohol, or a new diet or exercise regime. While some of the interest and publicity given to these campaigns might come from a public health perspective, it can often … Continued

The Cheshire Cab Driver: Reasons of Conscience

Alan Blythe, a Cheshire cab driver charged with cultivating cannabis with intent to supply, explained to the court that he had only supplied cannabis to his wife, Judith, a terminally ill multiple sclerosis patient. Where other drugs had failed, cannabis had succeeded in easing her wracking pain. Blythe feared that without the palliative effects of … Continued