Splitting The Kratom

“People who use drugs are as different to one another as coffee drinkers are.” (Dr James Rowe, specialist in the sociology of drug use) The term “coffee drinkers” is cleverly chosen to feel incongruous. You’ve almost certainly accepted, refused, made or purchased coffee today, but no one self identifies primarily as a “coffee drinker,” and … Continued

Where’s The Harm?

I spend a great deal of my time trying to persuade people of the need for drug law reform. At LEAP UK we are part of the growing social movement to bring about change, to save lives and to make our society safer and less corrupt. There are various approaches one can take when speaking or debating … Continued

Medical Cannabis in The Philippines

Over the past year, much has been written about the horrific consequences of the Philippines’ war on drugs, led by its frankly psychopathic president, Rodrigo Duterte. Thousands have died, gunned down in the streets by police and masked vigilantes, simply for having anything to do with illegal drugs. The reign of terror that has engulfed … Continued

Westminster Spice Intrigue

“It is the great delusion of our time – that we can solve these problems with policing. It seems to persist as every decade goes by, despite all drugs being more available, cheaper and more dangerous. It’s about public perception of the problem being solved, rather than a problem being solved. And wherever that political … Continued

Arfon Jones: ‘Cop-Out on Drugs?’

Following in the footsteps of Durham’s Ron Hogg and others, Arfon Jones, Police & Crime Commissioner for North Wales, has this week spoken out about the need to reform drug policy in the UK. Jones recently became the latest PCC to lend his voice to the growing calls for the decriminalisation of all drugs, and … Continued

Stigma and Drug Regulation

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about stigma and words relating to substance use. Carl Hart recently wrote a piece arguing that understanding ‘addiction’ as a ‘brain disease’ contributes to social injustice, and when NACOA recently launched a manifesto for ‘children of alcoholics’, the write-up by Alcohol Policy UK got me wondering about that much debated word ‘alcoholic’.

An Interview with Ethan Nadelmann

On January 27th, Ethan Nadelmann – Executive Director of the Drug Policy Alliance and the man Rolling Stone called “the real drug czar” – announced that he was stepping down from the organisation he helped found some 17 years ago. His announcement caused shockwaves throughout the world of drug policy reform, especially coming as it … Continued

Drugs and Trump

I never intended to write about Trump. I was writing about drugs, yet whenever I was in a white community filling with drugs I saw Trump support. Wherever I saw hope leaving a white neighborhood, I saw drugs and Trump entering.