The Value of Testing Services

Recently there have been comparisons of the relative value of publicly accessible ‘front of house’ drug safety testing with ‘back of house’ lab-based testing only accessible to services working with people who use drugs. We suggest here that rather than competing models, we should aim for a gold standard testing system that includes both, in … Continued

“Its only weed”

Based on a report by Ballymun Youth Action, entitled “It’s only weed”: Rethinking our response to young people’s cannabis use. There has been increasing research attention to various aspects of cannabis and cannabis use in recent years. Concerns have been raised about the longer term impact of regular or significant cannabis use on young people’s … Continued

Pot With Patents Could Plant the Seeds of Future Lawsuits

This article was originally published on The Conversation. It’s hard to make sense of cannabis regulation. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) continues to categorize marijuana as a Schedule I drug. That means the government believes it has “no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse,” putting it in the same league as LSD and … Continued

Ignore the Public at your Peril

Drug related deaths are at their highest on record and the call to action has been predominantly targeted towards treatment professionals. Volteface met with Michaela Jones, Community Director of in2recovery, to find why mobilizing the community would be key to reducing this alarming rise in drug related deaths. Michaela Jones is a person in long term … Continued


Whilst the shockwaves of last week’s General Election continue to rumble on, many reformers are turning their attention to what all this upheaval and uncertainty means for the future of drug policy in the UK. It seems very safe to assume that a Conservative government, particularly one led by Theresa May, and certainly one propped … Continued

Volteface Canada Dispatch #2

After legalisation plans were presented to Parliament, the last month has seen a surge of activity in the wider cannabis sector as investors, producers, consultants and campaigners rush to organise themselves and prepare for the new consumer market expected to come online later next year. In every province the issue has been in the news, … Continued

Evidence-Based Policy-Making: A Myth to Believe in

This article was originally published on Democratic Audit UK In the era of Trump, is evidence-based policy-making dead? John Boswell argues that while Evidence Based Policy Making (EBPM) is ultimately a myth, it is a useful one which plays an important role in democratic deliberation. It underpins and enables democratic contestation in a way that no … Continued