A War Worth Ending

  In today’s ever-increasing, transitory society, change happens rapidly. The last decade alone has brought us the advent of smartphones, online streaming, a robust social media, the rise of artificial intelligence, and even altered the way we date. Moreover, 2008 was a time of global economic uncertainty marked by the great recession. This intense transformation … Continued

Reducing Harm From A User’s Point Of View


This week I met with Dominic Milton Trott, the author of The Honest Drug Book: A Chemical & Botanical Journey Through The Legal High Years. A keen advocate of harm reduction, Dominic experimented with a large range of drugs with the aim of building a comprehensive guide to taking them whilst minimising the potential harms. … Continued

Cannabis and Young People: A call for contributors

  Volteface is investigating how effectively UK policies around cannabis are safeguarding young people. Theresa May has promised that she is pursuing a war on drugs, and that such an approach is working. While such strong rhetoric might sound convincing, we want to know what this  stance actually looks like in the context of cannabis … Continued

Finding A New Frame For Cannabis Reform


For me, it was Tom Chivers who really nailed it last week in his piece on the new Kings College cannabis potency study: “It is tempting to describe the government’s approach to cannabis as a spectacular failure. But that would be untrue: the government’s approach cannot fail, because the government has no approach. It has no goals, it has … Continued

Icelandic Youth: What the UK can learn from the ‘Youth In Iceland’ model

Today, Volteface launches a mini-report examining the lessons the UK can learn from ‘Youth in Iceland’. Outlining the Icelandic model and how it transformed substance misuse among adolescents, the report examines how unique relationships were created in the Scandinavian nation between young people, parents, schools, academia and the state. While the UK and Iceland differ in … Continued

Cannabis In The UK  —  A Call For Partner Support

Around sixty years ago, cannabis effectively arrived in the UK when new migrants from former British colonies brought with them a habit for using it recreationally and for its therapeutic benefits.   Despite often heavy handed enforcement by the police, cannabis use increased among the population in the 1960s and 1970s. Estimates vary and available … Continued