Tax Attacks

Ask most people what the current single greatest threat to the blossoming US marijuana market is, and you’re likely to hear one of two names in reply: Donald Trump or Jeff Sessions. Despite Trump’s insistence that he is 100% behind medical marijuana, he is seen – naturally – as unpredictable; just as likely to order … Continued

The Hidden Cannabis Crackdown: Part Three

This article was originally published on Leafly. Enjoy Cannabis? Travel Clean and Prepared This week Leafly has documented the increasing scrutiny that citizens and noncitizens face at US border crossings. Questions about past cannabis use seem to be an increasingly popular tool among border agents, in part because they offer an almost perfect trap. Nearly half of … Continued

The Deadliest Place To Deal

In the past eight months, over 7,000 people have been murdered in the Philippines, stupefying the rest of the human-rights conscious world. “If Germany had Hitler, The Philippines would have…” Roderigo Duterte declared last September, pointing at himself. “Hitler massacred three million Jews … there’s three million drug addicts. There are. I’d be happy to … Continued

The Hidden Cannabis Crackdown: Part Two

This article was originally published on Leafly. Joel and Jessica Guerrero: Caught in the Trap A legal resident living in upstate New York was arrested late last month, and is now awaiting deportation—all for a decade-old misdemeanor cannabis conviction. President Trump recently lauded his stepped-up immigration enforcement policy for weeding out “drug lords” and “really bad … Continued

Splitting The Kratom

“People who use drugs are as different to one another as coffee drinkers are.” (Dr James Rowe, specialist in the sociology of drug use) The term “coffee drinkers” is cleverly chosen to feel incongruous. You’ve almost certainly accepted, refused, made or purchased coffee today, but no one self identifies primarily as a “coffee drinker,” and … Continued