Watch: The Canadian Model

Volteface recently visited Toronto and Ottawa to learn more about the Canadian government’s plans to regulate adult use of cannabis. Alex Brewerton sat down with three of the team that went on the trip to pick their brains about the Canadian model. From the motives driving the Government, to the man in charge of executing … Continued

Is Cannabidiol a Useful Drug for Treating Addictions?

Anecdotal evidence suggests that people are using Cannabidiol (CBD), the non-intoxicating cannabinoid found in cannabis, to help them quit smoking cigarettes as well as other drugs. At the same time, emerging research suggests that CBD indeed might be a novel treatment to treat addictions. However, the research itself is sparse and we do not have … Continued

Making Cannabis Safer

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in demand for the treatment of cannabis-related problems. Whilst most cannabis users experience little or no harmful effects, there are certain risks including developing a dependency, memory impairment and psychosis. And with global numbers of people using cannabis on the rise and potency increasing, there is … Continued

No Shelter

“People are just pushing it and pushing it and pushing it to see how much they can use. I’ve known people who have been using three to four 10 gram bags a day of Spice. We’ve had people who have gone to hospital because they’ve passed out and, as soon as they’ve come around, they’re … Continued

Which Teenagers are the Most Likely to Smoke Cigarettes, Drink Alcohol and Smoke Cannabis?

Smoking cigarettes, drinking too much alcohol and smoking cannabis can be detrimental to your health. Misuse of these substances (with varying levels of usage) is responsible for negative health outcomes such as lung cancer, cirrhosis of the liver and psychiatric illnesses, respectively, as well as substance dependencies – all of which act as a massive … Continued

What’s happening in the UK, DrugWise?

There’s no such thing as a current overview of drug trends: “By the time they’re published, most official reports are way out of date,” says freelance journalist and celebrated Narcomania author and columnist Max Daly, explaining the impetus for “Highways and Buyways.” Providing insights about “the myriad patchwork nature of the UK drug market” – … Continued

Connection Between Intelligence and Cannabis Use in Adolescence Provides Fresh Headache for Researchers

(arindambanerjee/ Philip Murphy, Edge Hill University Children with high and medium academic ability at age 11 are more likely to use cannabis in late adolescence compared to children with low academic ability, according to a new study published in BMJ Open. The researchers, from University College London, examined the school records of more than 6,000 … Continued