Is the Time Right for Drug Consumption Rooms in the UK?

Drug consumption rooms have historically been seen by some as crossing a ‘red line,’ but recent events in the UK and internationally show that opinions are starting to change. Drug consumption rooms allow the consumption of illicit drugs under the supervision of trained staff, with the aim to reducing the acute risks of disease transmission through unhygienic injecting, preventing … Continued

The Real ‘Gateway’

Of all the attempted justifications for drug prohibition, perhaps the most thoroughly absurd, easily debunked, and yet stubbornly persistent is the gateway theory. Typically applied to cannabis, it states that cannabis is illegal and must remain so, because its use – particularly by young people – sets off a devastating biological chain reaction that leads … Continued

No, Cannabis Doesn’t Make People Terrorists

In the wake of Monday’s tragic terrorist attack in Manchester, there have been many attempts to get to the bottom of how and why someone could ever stoop so low as to take the lives of innocent children. The varied explanations have been complex and nuanced, and encompass everything from the geopolitical landscape of the … Continued

An Antidote For Spice Overdoses

Use of synthetic cannabinoids (aka ‘Spice’), as reported extensively in the mainstream media, has recently become a major problem among the homeless community and in prisons. Spice is cheap, hard to detect, has hugely variable levels of potency and comes with some severe adverse effects. Huge stress is being put on the prison and health … Continued

Why These People Stopped Drinking and Starting Consuming Cannabis

Last week was ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’ in the UK, and while mental health awareness is for many an all-year-round concern, the initiative has succeeded in sparking interest and debate on a subject of vital importance. As part of the festivities, The Guardian shared an interesting article wherein Matthew Todd suggests that ‘there’s still an elephant in the therapist’s waiting room: alcohol.’ The … Continued

Spice And Police Custody: There Must Be A Better Way

This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article. A string of shocking videos showing users of the drug “spice” in frozen and catatonic states on Britain’s streets and in prisons have sparked a national debate about how to deal with the substance and its users. But these disturbing images are just … Continued