Would You Trip With an AI?

As the benefits of psychedelic therapy are more widely recognised, so is the importance of set and setting in mental health treatment. Now emerging technologies from AI-powered soundscapes to immersive, digital experiences are seeking to improve them. While the psychedelic field awaits regulation and destigmatisation, do new technologies promote access and help develop the psychedelic … Continued

Are ‘Pseudodelics’ The Future For Mental Health?

  Psychedelics, substances that produce non-ordinary states of consciousness, are currently being heralded as the therapeutic saviours for our long-standing mental health crisis, with preliminary studies showing promising results for psilocybin, MDMA and Ketamine-assisted therapy for depression, PTSD and addiction.  However, whatever way you dress it up, the psychedelic trip and all it entails (insert … Continued

Are Psychedelic Patents Ethical?

  As the revolutionary therapeutic potential of psychedelics resurfaces in popular consciousness, pharmaceutical companies are scrambling for patents over psychedelic compounds and therapies.  The unique characteristics of psychedelics provoke a plethora of ethical implications in intellectual property law and our capitalist society more broadly; namely, that the patenting of psychedelic compounds promotes biopiracy and threatens … Continued