First Wednesday Launch European Medical Cannabis Ecosystem

  First Wednesdays, the network for entrepreneurs and investors in the European cannabis sector, today launched their much vaunted ‘European medical cannabis ecosystem’ providing expert insights and detailing marked developments into the European cannabis sector over the past decade.  The report makes for positive reading for anyone interested in the developments of the medical cannabis … Continued

European Cannabis Advocacy Network (ECAN)

  Volteface is delighted to announce that the European Cannabis Advocacy Network (ECAN) will launch on November 9th. ECAN is a platform which connects advocacy organisations focused on cannabis reform. The primary purpose of ECAN is to share progress and distribute news across Europe to a wider cannabis network. The network will communicate global cannabis … Continued

Cannabis Down Under: Why New Zealand’s Referendum Could Trigger Reform in Australia

  The preliminary results from New Zealand’s transformative cannabis referendum are set to be released tomorrow. Whether successful or unsuccessful, the impact of such high-profile discussions surrounding cannabis law reform will ripple across the Tasman Sea. Greg Chipp, Managing Director of Drug Policy Australia, calls the referendum a “watershed moment” for cannabis law reform for … Continued

Time for Change: Drug Related Death Stats 2019

  The highest number of drug-related deaths have been recorded in 2019, since records began in 1993, according to the latest Office of National Statistics (ONS) data.  ONS data revealed that there have been 4,393 drug related deaths in England and Wales. A 50% increase since 2010, accounting for 1% of all registered deaths in … Continued

Stop the Tragic Loss of Life: Protect Students & Young People

  There have been four drug related deaths reported in Northumbria over this weekend. Consequently the Northcumbria police force have issued an urgent drugs warning with regards to these incidents, urging the public not to risk taking drugs. The initial statement which did not mention the specific drug, has now been updated to reveal the drugs … Continued

Dutch Developments: Coffeeshop Owner and Cannabis Cultivator sees Potential in Dutch ‘Weed Experiment’

  With the ‘controlled cannabis supply chain experiment’ the Netherlands seems to be moving slightly towards legalisation. The experiment, starting in 2021, has been a widely discussed topic in the Dutch cannabis world. Joachim Helms, cannabis-entrepreneur and co-owner of coffeeshop Green House in Amsterdam has high hopes for the experiment. “I feel like the experiment … Continued