The Former Army Captain Who Built An Online Marijuana Marketplace

This article originally appeared on KINDLAND.  “Cannabis provides me with a sense of wellbeing and balance that I can’t find anywhere else,” Socrates Rosenfeld, CEO of Jane Technologies Inc., said in a press release for the cannabis-first startup’s just-launched online marketplace, Jane. “And we created Jane to ensure that others like me can find exactly what … Continued

We All Heart Jane

Jane is a new online cannabis marketplace launched just yesterday, where you can legally browse cannabis products and order them to your house. Currently, they deliver to Santa Cruz and are planning to be operational in more US cities: Denver, San Francisco and Boston. On, you can discover cannabis products in the catalogue, find shops … Continued

Taking Care of ‘Canna-Business’

The legal cannabis industry was last weekend the subject of a lavish profile in the business section of The Telegraph. The article, which features comments from a wide range of major industry figures, marks a proud moment for ‘canna-business’ as it crosses over into mainstream business media. Focusing on the emerging legal cannabis industries in the US and … Continued

Tax Attacks

Ask most people what the current single greatest threat to the blossoming US marijuana market is, and you’re likely to hear one of two names in reply: Donald Trump or Jeff Sessions. Despite Trump’s insistence that he is 100% behind medical marijuana, he is seen – naturally – as unpredictable; just as likely to order … Continued

The Implementation of Medical Ganja in Jamaica

Farmers in Jamaica are struggling to engage with the nation’s new medical marijuana (or ‘ganja’) scheme, according to a new study. The findings of the study, conducted by a student at Writtle University College, have been published in the International Journal of Drug Policy. Study author Simon Jones reveals that, out of the over 180,000 registered farmers … Continued

The Weed Robot

Yesterday, Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (SSI) announced the release of what looks like weed robot easy-bake oven, but is in fact a ‘high performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC)’. Glad we cleared that up. Via Shimadzu All jokes aside, this is actually an amazing tool. The Cannabis Analyzer for Potency is the first-ever machine designed ‘specifically for quantitative … Continued

LSD: For Love or Money?

Brutal gang violence, witness intimidation, torture, execution: these are the tools relied upon by those who work in the illegal drugs trade. It’s impossible to say exactly how many have been killed when deals have gone wrong. It’s certainly in the thousands, if not hundreds of thousands. But there’s one corner of the market that … Continued

The Importance of Branding in the Emerging Cannabis Market

The interactions and memories between a customer and a company form a conceptual model in the customer’s mind. This is the brand. Branding is not specifically the “attractiveness” of a product. A brand is a mark that represents experiences, trust, and the values of the company and their products. “Attractiveness” is subjective. One brand will … Continued

Women in Weed: Breaking the ‘Grass Ceiling’

On December 1st 2015 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, which means that I have a degenerative autoimmune disease affecting the nerve endings in my brain and spinal cord. My first prominent thought (which, I can assure you, was not blasé) was that there’s no point of crying over spilt milk: I’ve always been an … Continued