The Move Toward Craft Cannabis

  With the legal adult-use cannabis industry continuing to expand across North America, speciality brands have begun to emerge.  As the sector becomes increasingly mainstream, could craft cannabis be the way forward for diversifying and innovating the space? Craft cannabis embodies uniqueness by being grown in small batches, cultivating unique flavours. Products are created with … Continued

New York Goes Legal: What’s Next?

  New York has officially legalised adult-use cannabis, becoming the 16th state in the USA to do so. It is predicted to be the largest market on the East Coast generating $2.5 billion in annual sales by its fourth year and approximately $300 million collected in tax revenue. New Yorkers can now possess up to … Continued

Cannabis 2.0 – Vaporizing: The Future of Cannabis?

  In light of shifting use patterns for cannabis with less emphasis on smoking, the author takes a look at alternative routes of administration and discuss the future with the CEO of Zeus, a leading vaporizer company based in Germany. The way people use cannabis is changing and this is undoubtedly a good thing. Firstly, … Continued

Man’s Best Friend? a Guide to CBD and Dogs

  The CBD industry has booming for sometime now with Savills estimating that market could rise to £1bn by 2025. The shelves of major high-street shops are packed with a plethora of products containing CBD including humous, nail polish and face cream. One use for CBD which is popular in North America, but is yet to truly take … Continued

2020 European Cannabis, Wrapped

  Despite a year of mixed blessings, there have been significant positive developments in the Cannabis world, paving a promising if bumpy road ahead for 2021 What has happened this year for cannabis in Europe? Have we successfully rebranded cannabis? How has Covid-19 impacted reform and what must we do going forward in 2021? On … Continued

Opinion: Stop Calling it Recreational Use

  Oftentimes we are keen to distinguish between medical and recreational cannabis use. But does this distinction do more harm than good for advancing recreational reform? Many assume that this distinction is an important one, but is it? By no means should the medicinal properties that cannabis possesses for treating a range of health conditions … Continued

Culture: The Re-branding of Cannabis in the Music Industry

  Views on the normalisation of cannabis in society is firmly dependent on social interactions, who you are talking to, and their relationship with it. There will be some in society that rarely encounter cannabis or those who use it, and are unlikely to perceive cannabis as an element of mainstream British culture. On the other … Continued