Red Wall Voters Want Drug Law Reform – New Polling Shows

New research commissioned by the cross-party Parliamentary Group for Drug Policy Reform and conducted by accredited pollsters Redfield and Wilton, has found that the public clearly support harm reduction measures like overdose prevention centres and drug testing services. The APPG for Drug Policy Reform is a group of cross-party Parliamentarians who believe there must be … Continued

Is Colombia’s ‘War on Drugs’ Coming to an End?

When Gustavo Petro began his four-year term as Colombia’s new president on 7 August, he inherited a huge, but old problem: how to tackle Colombia’s drug problem. Despite billions of dollars of US-backed approaches spanning four decades, Colombia is still the world’s largest producer of cocaine, criminal gangs are thriving, and global drug consumption remains … Continued

The MCAP Recap: Functional or Failure?

With a review into the programme pending, how much has really changed for Irish cannabis users? It’s been almost a year since the first products were prescribed to a patient on Ireland’s Medical Cannabis Access Program (MCAP). There has been widespread criticism that the program is still not fully functional or inclusive enough.  There are … Continued

The Psychoactive Substances Act on Trial

British drug policy fundamentally changed in 2016 with the Psychoactive Substances Act – what happened and why? Traditionally, restricting the production, supply, and possession of a drug involves specifically naming the substance in a piece of legislation. Sometimes lawmakers go a step further, even detailing which isomer of a molecule will land you in prison. … Continued

Club Quarantine: Rave Culture, Party Drugs and the Pandemic

“The police… are absolutely geared up now to implement fines of £10,000 for those individuals that are facilitating these illegal parties and raves.” So announced Home Secretary, Priti Patel, in the midst of the first COVID-19 lockdown. Clearly rave culture hasn’t ceased to exist in the new world in which we find ourselves. Instead, it … Continued

Everything You Need to Know About the Drugs White Paper

Controversial plans outlined this week to curb recreational drug use have caused confusion and consternation, as a classically ‘cakeist’ white paper full of contradictions and codswallop emerges from the dying days of the Johnson government. But cut through the noise, and might there be some light as well as heat? Under the cover of literally … Continued

The Tory Leadership Candidates on Drugs

The incoming PM will have a host of drug policy issues that require his or her urgent attention, from ending the drug death epidemic, to expanding access to cannabis based medicines on the NHS beyond the current 3 prescriptions in 4 years. The rescheduling of psilocybin and other psychedelics to allow them to be used … Continued

Does your doctor know enough about drugs?

Does anyone? Drug prohibition is getting in the way of psychoactive drugs research How can you answer a question if the answer doesn’t exist? Let’s examine the case of *Fiona. She had previously experienced depression and thanks to therapy and medication was now symptom-free for over a year. However, after taking MDMA on a night … Continued