Want To Put An End To Human Trafficking? Reform Drug Policy.

  There are unimaginable amounts of money to be made through covertly manufacturing and transporting drugs. When that takes place in the shadows, outside civilised society and free of law and order, it inevitably results in brutality and tragedy. In November 2020, Orges Rizak and Agustin Grembi were arrested at a converted industrial building in … Continued

The Media’s War on Cannabis

  According to a report published by the World Association of Newspapers World Press Trends, more than half the world’s adult population read a newspaper – a number that surpasses all internet users across the globe. More than 2.5 billion read print newspapers, while more than 600 million get their news digital form. That’s a … Continued

Poacher Turned Gamekeeper: Why We Must Recruit Drug Dealers into Legal Markets

  Illicit market operators are perfect candidates to recruit into recreational cannabis markets, representing an opportunity to place social justice at the core of the industry. Global momentum for regulatory change when it comes to cannabis is building. Even authoritarian regimes such as Thailand are embracing medicinal cannabis programs, whilst legal recreational markets emerge in … Continued

The ‘Levelling up’ Agenda Must ‘Level Down’ Drug Deaths

  If the Government is serious about addressing regional inequalities, there can be few higher priorities than ending the drug death epidemic plaguing our ‘left behind towns’. “Levelling up is about much more than just addressing economic inequality” wrote Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove, previewing the release of his much anticipated ‘levelling up’ white paper … Continued

UK Drug Policy Must Be Proactive In Order To Save Lives.

  The UK government’s recent drug strategy announcement offers a fresh and much needed change in perspective. Though the emphasis on diversion over criminalisation is a positive step, the government should go further in ensuring our approach to drugs is not merely reactive, but proactive. For example, the disappointing lack of support for drug consumption … Continued

How Much Does The ‘War on Drugs’ Cost?

Our current prohibitionist approach to drugs is incredibly easy to argue against, but rhetorical flourishes have, as yet, not translated into meaningful policy change. For policy-reform advocates looking to catalyse that change, few lines of argument are more effective than demonstrating the staggering costs associated with a policy-agenda that actively undermines its stated aims. With … Continued