Police to Carry Naloxone: 6 month trial in Scotland

  It has been announced that officers in East of Glasgow, Falkirk and Dundee will carry naloxone, as part of a new pilot scheme announced by Police Scotland.  “It’s wonderful to hear that Police Scotland have decided to run a six month pilot which will enable their officers to carry life saving naloxone, following in … Continued

Lockdown 2.0: What Does This Mean For Drug Use?

  Covid-19 and mental health problems are two pandemics that have simultaneously collided.  The inextricable link between addiction and mental illness has been exacerbated by this pandemic. Spring lockdown saw a surge in drug consumption. In the midst of a second national lockdown, it is important to consider what implications this has on vulnerable populations … Continued

The Overwhelming Argument for Rescheduling Psilocybin to Schedule 2 in the Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001.

  In July, the Conservative Drug Policy Reform Group (‘CDPRG’) produced the most compelling argument (so far) for rescheduling of psilocybin.[1]  It is now time to: Assess the impact of that argument contained in the CDPRG’s report: “Medicinal use of psilocybin: Reducing restrictions on research and treatment” (the ‘Medicinal Use Report’); and Restate and emphasise … Continued

Editorial: The Evolution of Advocacy

  Entering the drug reform space four years ago was a shock to the system. Despite years of working with the most complex and vulnerable populations in the UK, nothing had prepared me for the pure terror of a live TV interview on the BBC, or standing in front of hundreds of academics, thought leaders … Continued