Vaccine Woman and Naloxone Man join forces: How the third sector could play a critical role in the vaccine rollout

  The new, more dangerous strain of COVID 19 has raised pressures facing substance misuse services to an all-time high. As more community workers contract the virus, and their close contacts and colleagues are forced to self-isolate, concern is growing for the welfare of service users and the challenges ahead. Martin Blakebrough, CEO at Kaleidoscope, … Continued

Opinion: We Need To Talk About Comedowns

  Our understanding of how psychoactive substances affect us has been largely based on researching their intoxicating effects. But what about the after effects? I’m talking about the comedowns, the hangovers, the withdrawals. This might be a more important research focus, to better understand the nature of addiction and what drives individuals to use substances … Continued

What Does 2021 Hold for Volteface?

  2021 undoubtedly holds exciting opportunities for cannabis reform. The last few months of 2020 have been promising for global reform, as we’ve witnessed a shift toward evidence over ideology. Despite some good news, the work is far from done. We will continue to advocate for evidence-based drug policy through highlighting the economic, social and … Continued

We Need to Talk About People, Dancefloors and Drugs

  People, dancefloors and drugs have always been connected. Plants with psychoactive properties and fermented fruits have been used during rituals for centuries. With time and scientific discoveries, substances may have changed. In parallel, contemporary dancefloors are increasingly commercially exploited, and their origins forgotten, in our expansion and consumption-based economies. Yet the relationship between dancefloors … Continued

Cannabis Reform in Spain

  The first public event for the European Cannabis Advocacy Network will take place on the 17th of December, which will be focusing on cannabis reform in Ireland and Spain. Each month we will be inviting advocates from two European countries to discuss the current state of cannabis reform in their country, and shine a … Continued

New Dutch Bill Plans put a Stop to Risky Designer Drugs

  A new Dutch bill plans to prohibit entire groups of new psychoactive substances (NPS), instead of just one specific substance. Minister of Justice and Safety, Ferdinand Grapperhaus, plans on putting these NPS-groups on the opium list, making it illegal for vendors to sell them. As of now, many of these different types of drugs … Continued

Vancouver Votes to Decriminalise All Drugs: What Now?

    Last week Vancouver City Council voted to decriminalise all drugs, though it still requires federal approval before it is officially enacted. If approved, this is huge. Vancouver would be the first Canadian city to decriminalise personal possession of illicit drugs, following in the path that Oregon has paved earlier this month.  This legislation … Continued