Crime in London – Volteface TV Special

  In 2018, crime in the capital is undoubtedly of great concern to Londoners. But, beyond the headlines and rhetoric, how big a problem is the city facing and what action needs to be taken? To delve into these questions and more, Volteface invited journalist Ian Birrell and Conservative mayoral candidate Andrew Boff to discuss … Continued

Volteface TV: The Children’s Inquiry

The Children’s Inquiry released by Volteface last week received major news coverage throughout the week and has highlighted the extent to which young people are impacted by the illicit cannabis market. In this special edition of Volteface TV the authors of the report Liz McCulloch, Hardeep Matharu and Paul North explain why they undertook the … Continued

Volteface TV: Should we trust big business with the cannabis industry?

  This week,┬áPaul North is joined by Chris Snowdon to discuss how much money could be generated from taxing a recreational cannabis market, where that money could go, and whether we should trust big business with this emerging market around the world. Paul North is Communications Director at Volteface. Chris Snowdon is the Head of … Continued

Volteface TV: The State of Drug Treatment in the UK

In this episode of Volteface TV, Prun Bijral, Liz McCulloch and Paul North discuss the state of drug treatment in the UK – what is going on in drug treatment? What are the key issues? What is fentanyl and why should we be worried about it? Liz McCulloch is Policy Director at Volteface. Paul North … Continued

Volteface TV: Drug-Related Deaths and Medical Cannabis

Volteface TV – CLICK HERE TO WATCH In this episode of Volteface TV, Paul North, Hardeep Matharu and Clark French discuss the latest ONS figures on drug-related deaths published this week and explore the questions around the medicinal use of cannabis, which for many remains illegal. Paul North is Communications Director at Volteface. Hardeep Matharu … Continued