The Volteface Podcast #20 Righteous Minds with George McBride

  In today’s episode Director of External Affairs Paul is joined by CEO of Hanway associations George McBride. They discuss what has changed since George’s early days in drug reform at the Beckley Foundation and consider the chances of cannabis being legalised here in the UK. Expect an honest and entertaining chat between two ex-colleagues … Continued

Research Call for Participants: Drug Policy Voices

  A team of researchers from Manchester Metropolitan University are gathering anecdotal evidence from those who have ‘lived experience’ with drug use for an upcoming project. The team, led by Dr Rebecca Askew recognise the importance of listening to those most impacted by current drug policy and want to hear from them! Read below for more … Continued

The Volteface Podcast #19 – Harm Reduction with Kira Weir

  In this episode Volteface Director Paul North speaks to Kira Weir, Training and Communications Officer at the drugs charity Crew and volunteer at The Loop. Paul and Kira talk about what good harm reduction looks like and explore how we can keep people safe from the harms of drug use. Follow Volteface Podcasts HERE for updates … Continued

Comment: Why drug deaths in Wales are a National Emergency

  Wales is facing a public health emergency as drug related deaths rise to alarming levels. Martin Blakebrough, CEO of Kaleidoscope Project & ARCH Initiatives, examines how in spite of government support of current initiatives and largely unaffected drug treatment budgets in Wales, drug related deaths continue to rise unabated. Martin argues that access to … Continued

Volteface Year in Review 2019

  2019 was a jam packed year for all involved with Volteface, from taking crossparty delegations to Canada to seeing the legalisation debate storm into the mainstream, it is safe to say that 2019 has been transformative for drug reform. As the country starts to wake up from the festive season fresh from an election, … Continued

The Volteface Podcast#18 Christmas Special…Our year in review.

  This month the Volteface directors, Liz McCulloch and Paul North, reflect on the year gone by and what it has meant for drug policy. We’ve had MPs investigate the ‘Canadian experiment’, a newspaper campaign on cannabis legalisation, the exposure of drug dealing on social media and cross-party support for drug reform. Expect a frank … Continued