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Health & Science

Medicinal Cannabis Under The Microscope

An extensive study by the US government evaluating the medical properties of cannabis has just been published. The study, which is the “broadest review by the National Academies of Sciences since 1999,” has found “conclusive” evidence to support treatment for the following medical conditions: Nausea: “there is conclusive evidence that cannabinoids, compounds derived from marijuana, are useful … Continued

The Acid Test

This Article was originally published on The Third Wave and The Psychedelic Scientist. Call LSD ‘neurotoxic’ in a psychedelic community and see how far that gets you. You’ll probably evoke some laughter, maybe some scorn, but not much else. For the millions of people who take LSD and similar psychedelics every year, and the tens of millions who … Continued

Families & Education

Cannabis Treatment and Child Exploitation

A new report by the Children’s Society on behalf of Public Health England highlights the relationship between sexual exploitation and drug use. Like their adult counterparts, young people in specialist drug treatment have a range of complex problems that extend beyond drug use. The latest treatment data from England reveal that 38% of young people (anyone … Continued

Business & Profit

What Do The Club’s Regulars Think Should Be Done With The £100k Remains of The #SaveFabric Fund?

“You saved Fabric” reads the banner on the Farringdon club’s Twitter account right now. And that’s right; an arsenal of global followers creating a loud marathon of campaigning, protests, and petitions did the trick in the end. The process was lubricated by both the sharing power of social media and a flock of high-profile influencers … Continued

Arts & Culture

VolteFace Voices: A Celebration of Great Writers

VolteFace was launched a year ago to change the public debate about drug policy in the UK. It had become stale. All over the world Governments are moving beyond failed policies of prohibition but here in the UK a fudging of the myriad issues of dealing with the supply and distribution of illicit drugs prevails … Continued

Why Psychedelic History Matters

The psychedelic renaissance is afoot, and there’s almost no use arguing with the term anymore. It’s just too catchy. This elegant phrase pops up frequently to describe what’s been happening in the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil, and around the world in the 21st century. In addition to being the title of an excellent book by … Continued