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New Head of Public Affairs Joins The Team

We are delighted to announce that Jay Jackson has joined Volteface as Head of Public Affairs. He will be leading on political engagement, bringing his intimate understanding of politics to the role, as well as contributing written content and ensuring that Volteface continues to be a hub of unique and engaging ideas and political strategy. … Continued

Patient Access

Are Psychedelic Patents Ethical?

  As the revolutionary therapeutic potential of psychedelics resurfaces in popular consciousness, pharmaceutical companies are scrambling for patents over psychedelic compounds and therapies.  The unique characteristics of psychedelics provoke a plethora of ethical implications in intellectual property law and our capitalist society more broadly; namely, that the patenting of psychedelic compounds promotes biopiracy and threatens … Continued

Long Reads

The Survivor-Led Organisations Fighting Back Against The War on Drugs

In 2021, recorded drug deaths in America tragically surpassed 100,000. That’s more than every American soldier killed in action since World War II – including in Vietnam, Korea, both Iraq wars and Afghanistan – put together. According to the CDC, there were 100,306 fatal overdoses, three quarters of which were from opiates, 64% from fentanyls. As experts … Continued

Rethinking Heroin

  I am an opioid user, or a former one anyhow.  Contrary to the cliche, I’m not addicted. I never felt trapped or enslaved by my drug use. I never did anything I regretted to get high. I never shared needles – the sole time I shared a cooker due to interpersonal pressure, I promptly … Continued

Why is British Drug Policy so Disjointed?

  In early January, as the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, announced a tentative degree of policy experimentation by piloting, in three boroughs, a diversion scheme whereby young people in possession of small amounts of cannabis would be offered counselling and support instead of arrest, the Metropolitan Police were out in Shoreditch conducting their own … Continued

General Advocacy

When Will The Media Take Drug Deaths Seriously?

  Media reporting has time and again failed to provide correct information about the circumstances of drug deaths, evidencing the stigma and disdain with which those who take drugs are treated. Last week, news outlets reported the story of a 23-year-old who tragically died shortly after consuming edibles laced with synthetic cannabinoids. On March 29, … Continued

Cannabis Content

High Pride: Cannabis Must Be Inclusive

“I don’t think there is proportional representation as far as the industry goes. When I go to conferences, I tend to be the only gay in the village.” As a queer journalist who has spent the last few years in the cannabis space, I have often written about the importance of LGBT+ inclusion in the … Continued

We Need To Talk About Cannabis Dependency

  Between the narrative that nothing natural could ever do us any real harm, and scaremongering ideas that – even if it doesn’t act as a gateway to the use of stronger substances – smoking cannabis will turn you into a lazy, paranoid and ultimately useless member of society, the space for nuanced interpretations is … Continued