Volteface News

New Head of Public Affairs Joins The Team

We are delighted to announce that Jay Jackson has joined Volteface as Head of Public Affairs. He will be leading on political engagement, bringing his intimate understanding of politics to the role, as well as contributing written content and ensuring that Volteface continues to be a hub of unique and engaging ideas and political strategy. … Continued

Patient Access

Would You Trip With an AI?

As the benefits of psychedelic therapy are more widely recognised, so is the importance of set and setting in mental health treatment. Now emerging technologies from AI-powered soundscapes to immersive, digital experiences are seeking to improve them. While the psychedelic field awaits regulation and destigmatisation, do new technologies promote access and help develop the psychedelic … Continued

Are ‘Pseudodelics’ The Future For Mental Health?

  Psychedelics, substances that produce non-ordinary states of consciousness, are currently being heralded as the therapeutic saviours for our long-standing mental health crisis, with preliminary studies showing promising results for psilocybin, MDMA and Ketamine-assisted therapy for depression, PTSD and addiction.  However, whatever way you dress it up, the psychedelic trip and all it entails (insert … Continued

Long Reads

Benzodiazepines and Post-War America

Minor tranquilisers are a class of medication known for their anti-anxiety effects. Miltown, the first of these prescription anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) drugs, quickly became a commercial success upon its debut in 1955. In an attempt to replicate Miltown’s success, Hoffman La-Roche developed the benzodiazepines; a class of compounds invented by chemist Leo Sternbach in the 1950s. … Continued

General Advocacy

The Psychoactive Substances Act on Trial

British drug policy fundamentally changed in 2016 with the Psychoactive Substances Act – what happened and why? Traditionally, restricting the production, supply, and possession of a drug involves specifically naming the substance in a piece of legislation. Sometimes lawmakers go a step further, even detailing which isomer of a molecule will land you in prison. … Continued

Club Quarantine: Rave Culture, Party Drugs and the Pandemic

“The police… are absolutely geared up now to implement fines of £10,000 for those individuals that are facilitating these illegal parties and raves.” So announced Home Secretary, Priti Patel, in the midst of the first COVID-19 lockdown. Clearly rave culture hasn’t ceased to exist in the new world in which we find ourselves. Instead, it … Continued

Everything You Need to Know About the Drugs White Paper

Controversial plans outlined this week to curb recreational drug use have caused confusion and consternation, as a classically ‘cakeist’ white paper full of contradictions and codswallop emerges from the dying days of the Johnson government. But cut through the noise, and might there be some light as well as heat? Under the cover of literally … Continued

Cannabis Content

High Pride: Cannabis Must Be Inclusive

“I don’t think there is proportional representation as far as the industry goes. When I go to conferences, I tend to be the only gay in the village.” As a queer journalist who has spent the last few years in the cannabis space, I have often written about the importance of LGBT+ inclusion in the … Continued

We Need To Talk About Cannabis Dependency

  Between the narrative that nothing natural could ever do us any real harm, and scaremongering ideas that – even if it doesn’t act as a gateway to the use of stronger substances – smoking cannabis will turn you into a lazy, paranoid and ultimately useless member of society, the space for nuanced interpretations is … Continued