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Volteface Multimedia: The Dark Web

  Volteface Director Paul North recently caught up with Chris*, a long term member of the dark web community, to chat about how dark net markets operate and how to keep safe. This content is published for the purpose of harm reduction, we do not encourage anyone viewing this to purchase illicit substances on the … Continued

Medical & CBD

Why are doctors not prescribing medical cannabis?

  Medical cannabis, namely cannabis-based products for medicinal use in humans (CBPMs), has been moved from Schedule 1 to Schedule 2 under the Misuse of Drugs Regulation 20011 in November 2018 following a very effective publicity campaign about two children with severe epilepsy. Even though this quick and radical policy change has given hopes to … Continued

Hemp Reform

General Advocacy

Police to Carry Naloxone: 6 month trial in Scotland

  It has been announced that officers in East of Glasgow, Falkirk and Dundee will carry naloxone, as part of a new pilot scheme announced by Police Scotland.  “It’s wonderful to hear that Police Scotland have decided to run a six month pilot which will enable their officers to carry life saving naloxone, following in … Continued

Cannabis 2.0

Cannabis 2.0 Innovations: Drinks

  The changing legal status of cannabis, along with recognising its medical benefits has allowed the industry to continue to grow. As a result of this, alternative ways for consuming cannabis have started to emerge such as infused products. The market for cannabis-infused beverages has been growing steadily in popularity. In 2019, the North American … Continued