Could Switzerland Become the First European Country to Legally Regulate Cannabis?

This article was originally published on TalkingDrugs.  Nine years after a Swiss referendum failed to gain public approval for cannabis legalisation, a campaign group has reignited the movement for reform. Legalize It, a Zurich-based group, has launched a campaign to legally regulate cannabis across Switzerland. The objectives of the initiative, Legalize It describes, are three-fold: … Continued

Zinc: Innovation for Unmet Mental Health Needs

A new innovation system that looks to tackle chronic social problems in the developed world has been launched by Paul Kirby, Saul Klein and Ella Goldner. Their new venture, Zinc, builds tech businesses through the process of a six month programme, focused around a single mission. Their first mission is focused on mental health. At … Continued

Green Screen Report Launches

Volteface are delighted to announce the UK launch of the Green Screen report by author Mike Power (Drugs 2.0). The Green Screen – a new policy report that outlines the benefits of an online regulated market for legal cannabis. Just as streaming services such as Spotify have hugely diminished music piracy, an online-only, legal cannabis … Continued

Baked On 420

The sun peeked through the clouds as thousands descended on Hyde Park yesterday for the annual 420 celebrations. It felt like a festival with everyone sitting on the grass, smoking weed, eating snacks and listening to music. We even saw a group who had brought a tent and were happily having a barbecue.  420, which is … Continued


April 20th is a special date in any cannabis consumer’s diary. For reasons that, though debated, are believed to revolve around a group of students from San Rafael known as ‘The Waldos,’ who would spark up religiously at 16:20 back in the ‘70s, the numbers 420 have come to stand for all things marijuana-related the … Continued