The Boy in 7 Billion

Against all the odds, brave mother Callie Blackwell and her husband Simon saved their terminally ill son Deryn – of that there is no doubt. Their story is reminiscent of 30 years ago in the United States, where the Odone’s saved their terminally ill son Lorenzo through research, trial and error, and the eventual development of … Continued

Taking Care of ‘Canna-Business’

The legal cannabis industry was last weekend the subject of a lavish profile in the business section of The Telegraph. The article, which features comments from a wide range of major industry figures, marks a proud moment for ‘canna-business’ as it crosses over into mainstream business media. Focusing on the emerging legal cannabis industries in the US and … Continued

Volteface Announces New Collaboration

Volteface is pleased to announce its collaboration with leading academics from the Substance Use and Addictive Behaviours Research Group at Manchester Metropolitan University Criminology Department. Rebecca Askew and Rob Ralphs have been awarded the Chancellor’s Fellowship Award by MetroPolis, a new think tank seeking to ensure that academic work informs policy development. Dr Rob Ralphs … Continued

Twitter U-Turns on Censoring Searches For ‘Cannabis’

Popular social media platform Twitter is now censoring searches for topics deemed ‘sensitive’. This means that searches containing words like ‘sexual health’ and even ‘balls’ will yield zero results under all search tabs, except the ‘top’ search option. This appears to be due to the introduction of a ‘sensitive content filter’ that Twitter has rolled … Continued

Canada to set a Date for Cannabis Legalisation

The Canadian government will announce next month plans to legalise cannabis by July 2018. PM Justin Trudeau had previously promised to introduce legislation by Spring 2017. CBC News reports that  Trudeau’s Liberal government will meet this deadline – with the announcement slated for the week commencing April 10. The day of legalisation itself may well fall … Continued

Addaction Releases Report on New Psychoactive Substances

The drug and alcohol charity Addaction published a report on Wednesday on New Psychoactive Substances (NPS), called “The View from Young People”. The charity, which celebrated its 50th anniversary this month now employs specialist recovery workers that focus on outreach to help those with problems relating to NPS. The report surveyed over 1,600 young people on the use … Continued

Government Launches New Initiative To Help Tackle Harms From NPS

The government is launching a new initiative that aims to tackle the harms from New Psychoactive Substances (NPS), it was announced yesterday. Public Health England (PHE), in collaboration with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) are piloting a new online system, “Report Illicit Drug Reactions” (RIDR) where healthcare professionals will report cases of suspected … Continued