The Weed Robot

Yesterday, Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (SSI) announced the release of what looks like weed robot easy-bake oven, but is in fact a ‘high performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC)’. Glad we cleared that up. Via Shimadzu All jokes aside, this is actually an amazing tool. The Cannabis Analyzer for Potency is the first-ever machine designed ‘specifically for quantitative … Continued

Not Up For The Sesh

Jeff Sessions, the new United States Attorney General, voiced his opposition to cannabis legalisation on Monday and his arguments are… not based in fact. Sessions has argued that cannabis is linked to violence, that the potency of cannabis today is dangerous and that state-level regulation leads to increased youth consumption, despite evidence to the contrary. “Experts … Continued

Sniffer Dogs: Doing More Harm Than Good

Emily Lyon, a 17-year old girl who died at the London O2 Arena last year, had collapsed from an ecstasy overdose, the inquest heard last week. She had taken a quarter of a gram on the way to the venue, and then a further quarter whilst standing in the queue, after seeing sniffer dogs and fearing … Continued

Introducing ‘Volteface Voices’

Volteface Voices – a new podcast from Volteface HQ, is coming very soon. You can listen to our trailer here: We’re here to dissect policies relating to drugs, health, society, culture – and no doubt much more. It’s about time we get to grips with some of the more perplexing elements to our social policies. Our … Continued

Radio 4 Broadcasting Addaction Fundraising Appeal

This weekend, BBC Radio 4 will be broadcasting a fundraising appeal on behalf of Addaction to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the charity. Addaction supports people to make positive behavioural changes, especially those regarding mental health and the misuse of alcohol and drugs. They provide services to over 75,000 people nationwide, helping anyone from children to older … Continued

Drug Policy: One Year On

What’s happened over the last year in drug policy? Have we made any progress? Has there been any tangible effort to reform our drug laws from within Westminster? Now’s your time to have your say and join us for the next live podcast recording for Stop and Search on the Distraction Pieces Network. Joining us … Continued