AlphaBay Takedown

Before last week, the only time you may have heard of AlphaBay was when they were making headlines selling stolen Uber accounts in 2016. Make no mistake – AlphaBay was much more than an identity fraud website. It was also the biggest online drugs marketplace with an estimated 240,000 users, generating between $600,000 and $800,000 … Continued

Volteface Report Cited In Parliamentary Debate On Drugs

Yesterday, the House of Commons debated national drug policy, following the government’s announcement of their “new” drug strategy last week. It received biting criticism from both sides of the house, with strong arguments made against prohibition from a number of MPs, including Conservative MP and former criminal justice minister Crispin Blunt. In his energising speech … Continued

The Spice Response

Friday 14th July was a big day for UK’s drug policy strategists. Many of our best and brightest, including treatment service providers, mental health practitioners, police and probation officers, gathered at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) for a conference called “Responding to ‘Spice’: Developing an Integrated Response.” The cross-sector discussion was led by Dr Rob Ralphs, … Continued

Catalonia Legalises Cannabis Cultivation and Distribution

This article was originally published on TalkingDrugs. The Parliament of Catalonia has approved the creation of a legal framework for regulating the cultivation, distribution, and consumption of cannabis. On June 28, members of the Catalonia Parliament voted to approve the creation of a regulated framework for cannabis social clubs (CSCs) across the autonomous Spanish region, … Continued

Drug-Taking is Inevitable at Festivals, So We Must Focus On Keeping People Safe

Last year I shadowed The Loop as they offered their pioneering front-of-house drug testing programme in Manchester at one of The Warehouse Project’s club nights. As someone who is particularly passionate about harm reduction in my role at CGL (Change, Grow, Live), I was inspired by their commitment to helping people make informed decisions, creating a safer … Continued

Poland Votes To Legalise Medical Cannabis

Polish lawmakers have this week voted to legalise medical cannabis. The EU member voted overwhelmingly in favour of the move – only 2 politicians out of 443 voting against the bill. Pending approval from the senate, the legislation will make Poland the latest country to embrace medicinal cannabis, joining the likes of the Czech Republic, Portugal … Continued