About Volteface

Volteface is a London based advocacy and communications organisation, that seeks to reduce the harm drugs pose to individuals and society, through evidence-based policy reform.

We cultivate fresh thinking and new ideas through our policy reports, online blog, audio-visual content and an ongoing events programme.

We work with an array of partners across advocacy, politics, business, media, academia and front line service provision to foster public engagement and formulate new evidence-based policy ideas to reform our archaic, ineffective and counterproductive drug laws.  Whilst we are UK-based and focused, we pride ourselves on engaging with ideas and best practice from across the world.

Volteface is committed to the principles of integrity, honesty and evidence-based policymaking. This approach ensures that all our activities contribute to our organisational mission.

Since its inception in 2016 our organisation has adapted and evolved, changing its funding model along with its management team to create new opportunities and growth. To find out more see our ‘Team Page’ and ‘Work with us’ section of the website.

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