Changing Stereotypes in the Cannabis Industry

by Alastair Moore

The industry is maturing and becoming more welcoming to women.

Merry Jane Media recently compiled a list of 5 very influential women in the cannabis sector. Their article outlined the change in stereotypes associated with both consumers and producers of cannabis.

“The face of marijuana is changing, and it’s getting a whole lot more female friendly. For a long time, pot culture was heavily male dominated — both as the stereotypical user and dispenser, but that’s quickly changing.”

This changing image of the consumer and producer goes hand in hand with progress for equality in management within the cannabis industry.

“women make up 36% perfect of executives in the cannabis industry, while amounting to just 22% of executives in U.S. businesses overall.”

Their article drew on the findings of Marijuana Business Daily’s survey this past October.

Graph showing percentage of women executives in cannabis industry

Image source: Marijuana Business Daily October 2015 reader survey.


Merry Jane Media’s 5 ladies that are the new face of the cannabis industry:

  • Cheryl Shuman – the all woman-run Beverly Hills Cannabis Club and one of the key players in the remarketing of the cannabis industry.
  • Charlo Greene – Founder of Go GREENE an organisation that looks to add some diversity to cannabis activism.
  • Dale Sky Jones – the Executive Chancellor of Oaksterdam University and a tireless reformer. She is the Chairwoman of Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform, on the Californians to Regulate Medical Marijuana board of directors.
  • Dr. Amanda Reiman – Manager of Marijuana Law and Policy at the Drug Policy Alliance. Her aim is to educate the public and the policy makers.
  • Jazmin Hupp, Jane West & The women behind Women Grow – a professional networking organisation with a focus on diversity. Women Grow connect, educate, empowers and supports women in the cannabis industry.

This is great news for the cannabis industry and one we hope to see this progress echoed in other sectors. Check out the organisations above and read more Merry Jane Media here.

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