Editorial – New Leaf Opportunity: Beyond Brexit, Countering Covid

by Ant Lehane


Volteface is pleased to announce the launch of ‘New Leaf Opportunity’, a campaign focusing on the economic benefits, innovations and investment opportunities that medical cannabis and CBD can bring to the UK in 2021.

This campaign is spearheaded by Volteface, featuring innovative medical cannabis company Kanabo, investment group Spinnaker Opportunities, legal firm Ince and cannabis consultancy group Hanway Associates.

2020 has been a challenging year like no other. With Brexit looming over us and Covid bringing significant economic insecurity, we must look to the promising opportunities that 2021 holds. Cannabis in particular, is a market that will attract some much needed revenue into the UK.


“The UK is an emerging market when it comes to using CBD and the opportunity for growth is immense. At present, approximately four to six million people have tried CBD in the UK with the market estimated to be worth almost £1billion within the next five years” – Avihu Tamir, CEO and Founder Kanabo Research 

With the global medical cannabis industry valued at $16.5 billion in 2019, we must welcome the wealth of opportunities this can bring. With the London Stock Exchange now allowing medical cannabis companies to list, this indicates that the UK is ready to open its doors to this ‘new leaf’ of opportunities.


“The UK is uniquely positioned to adopt a leading role, building on its reputation for excellence in healthcare research and innovation. Improved access to London’s public markets can provide much-needed capital for further research into cannabis-related therapies that hold out the promise of relief for long-suffering patients and at the same time provides an engine for renewed economic growth.” – Andy Morrison, Spinnaker Opportunities PLC Chairman

Cannabis is a new, exciting and emerging industry, with incredible potential for the UK to become a leader in this business. Just within the last month, news and reform around cannabis has been extremely eventful. From the EU court ruling on CBD, to the UN recognising the medical value of the plant – these decisions show us that medical cannabis has come of age. This market is heading in the right direction, ready for a new year of promising opportunities and advancements.

“With the introduction of further regulation, infrastructure and education, all the building blocks are falling into place for a competitive and stable market, where consumers and patients have access to the most effective cannabis derived products and medications” – Rob Jappie, Partner at Ince

2021 will be the year for the UK market to truly open up for business in the cannabis sector. The momentum for reform will continue to advance, so this is an opportunity which should not be missed.

It is important that we view investment in cannabis positively. Not only will the medical cannabis industry bring the benefit of job creation, it will continue to advance medical innovations and improve patient access to the medicine they need.  

“Consumer and patient demand is growing and British businesses are already making a name for themselves globally, but access to capital is still restricted at home. What the sector needs is clear support from financial and government institutions. Through providing clarity on financial regulations, and the provision of innovation grants and loans, we could become a world-leading hub for the sector.” – Alastair Moore, Hanway Associates Director

Money raised through investments will only help to further and better cannabis innovations. Advancing research will always be a positive thing, allowing us to learn more about this incredible plant – expanding on the variety of products and covering patient access costs.

As we currently face the deepest recession in a century, we mustn’t be scared of investment in the medical cannabis space. This industry provides us with exciting opportunities to combat economic insecurity by capitalising on this emerging market. As we enter 2021, let’s turn over a new leaf of opportunities.

To find out more about the New Leaf Opportunities campaign, please email paul@volteface.me

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