European Cannabis Advocacy Network (ECAN)

by Ant Lehane


Volteface is delighted to announce that the European Cannabis Advocacy Network (ECAN) will launch on November 9th.

ECAN is a platform which connects advocacy organisations focused on cannabis reform. The primary purpose of ECAN is to share progress and distribute news across Europe to a wider cannabis network. The network will communicate global cannabis developments and share strategies for policy updates.

Currently, there is a gap in a network focused on collaborating and sharing ideas around cannabis reform in Europe. This network will be a fluid means of communication to share relevant news instantaneously, informing members on information related to cannabis advocacy.

ECAN will fill this gap, taking the opportunity to bring together European cannabis advocacy organisations and work collaboratively. The network will create a system of platforms to share information. This informed and engaged network will collaborate with global partners to ensure the cannabis industry is aware of European developments and progress.

ECAN will share cutting edge developments around cannabis. Information shared in the network will inform monthly reports released by Volteface to ECAN members and subscribers.

If you are interested in joining the network, becoming a subscriber, or hearing more – get in touch at

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