Script Assist Continues to Revolutionise Medical Cannabis Prescriptions with Expanded Platform Functionality

Medical Cannabis Prescriptions Made Easy

by Volteface Team

Script Assist is an online UK medical cannabis prescription platform enabling medical cannabis prescribing from any private setting. Their technology gives doctors, medical cannabis clinics and patients the tools they need to manage medical cannabis prescriptions from any private setting, offering a streamlined and accessible pathway to effective treatment.

In response to overwhelming demand since its launch in April 2023, Script Assist has unveiled a series of enhancements to its UK medical cannabis prescription platform. Alongside enabling private doctors to effortlessly prescribe medical cannabis, the platform is now fast being integrated into medical cannabis clinics across the UK including Scotland and Northern Ireland offering a solution to overcome the barriers hindering market expansion.

Despite the legalisation of medical cannabis in the UK in 2018, only a mere 0.02% of all adults are on medical cannabis prescriptions, a far cry from the estimated 2% market maturity seen in countries like Israel and Australia.

Addressing Market Challenges with Cutting-Edge Technology

To reach the crucial 2% marker, the UK medical cannabis market must tackle significant supply chain issues, reduce clinical risks, alleviate administrative burdens, accelerate patient onboarding, and improve overall patient experience. 

All highly complex industries require the right technology and infrastructure to flourish, and the UK medical cannabis market is no different. It is no secret that medical cannabis clinics often struggle to manage increasing patient volumes and thereby fail to consistently deliver first-rate service to their patients.

The newly upgraded Script Assist medical cannabis prescribing platform has been meticulously developed to overcome these challenges for UK medical cannabis prescriptions. 

Script Assist’s core mission is to solve all pain points for all clinics, doctors and patients, therefore supporting the UK medical cannabis market to flourish and grow to its full potential. Combining a Web-based portal for doctors and clinic staff, with an integrated Patient App, the platform now provides a seamless digital end-to-end experience for patients, prescribing doctors, and medical cannabis clinics, boasting a range of innovative features:

Key Features:

  • Live Inventory: All medical cannabis products available on the Script Assist formulary display live inventory at the time of prescribing, and products are immutably allocated to patients when prescribed. This means that patients aren’t disappointed when their prescribed product is unavailable, and hugely reduces the time associated with having to have medical cannabis prescriptions updated.   
  • Bookings and telehealth: Patients can now manage their entire journey via the Patient App including managing their bookings and holding video consultations via the Patient App. No other practise management software available in the UK provides the ability for doctors and patients to roll-out bookings and telehealth to patients via a Patient App, able to provide patients with a totally seamless end-to-end digital experience. 
  • Printable FP10s: Digital prescriptions can be completed rapidly, alongside the ability to print directly onto FP10 pads, removing human error from what is often a largely manual exercise and limiting the costs and time associated with having to re-issue medical cannabis prescriptions. 
  • Payment and prescription tracking via Patient App: Patients can pay for their medical cannabis prescription via the Patient App and have full visibility over the status of their prescription, from MDT review to the successful completion of dispensing. This totally transforms the UK medical cannabis patient experience, and significantly reduces the number of phone calls that doctors and medical cannabis clinics staff receive on a daily basis.  
  • Additional User Access: Script Assist allows practises to add users such as medical secretaries, clinic admins, and other healthcare professionals involved in patient care. This enables easier re-prescribing and fosters greater collaboration during the medical cannabis prescription process.
  • One Click Re-prescribing: Patients are able to request a repeat of their medical cannabis prescription via the App and doctors or clinic staff can simply accept this with one-click, enabling efficient clinic operations and a hugely improved patient experience! Monthly re-prescribing is something that can now be completed quickly and efficiently..
  • Fully customisable: Script Assist can be fully tailored to each private doctor’s or medical cannabis clinic’s requirements and can either replace or work alongside existing software packages. In addition, Script Assist’s technology is available on a fully white label basis should a medical cannabis clinic wish to have a fully separately branded Web Platform and Patient App.
  • Extensive PROMS (Patient-Reported Outcome Measures) frameworks: Tailored PROMS are now available for individual specialisms, allowing doctors to gather more relevant and accurate data. This enhances treatment effectiveness and reduces clinical risk. Collected observational data can also be a useful tool when doctors are considering re-prescribing decisions. 
  • MDT review: Doctors and medical cannabis clinics have the option of submitting cases to MDTs hosted on our platform, in-line with General Medical Council guidance, to either suggest or review a proposed treatment plan.
  • Automated Compliance: Script Assist continually checks all compliance documentation, notifying users of any outstanding requirements and automatically adjusting permission settings if key documentation expires. This both increases efficiency and reduces the clinical risk associated with medical cannabis prescriptions.
  • Multi-site operations: Script Assist trained doctors can now operate fluidly across multiple CQC sites, clinics and hospitals. This reduces barriers to Script Assist enabled doctors working across multiple partner sites.
  • Expanded research bank: Featuring hundreds of pieces of research, our research bank enables doctors and medical cannabis clinic staff to develop a broad understanding of the research base related to specific conditions.
  • Digital medical records: Coming soon, Script Assist will also offer all private doctors and medical cannabis clinics one-click access to digital medical records via our NHS Digital integration, should the patient provide consent.   

Key Benefits: 

  • Increased patient focus: Doctors and clinics can focus on their patients, rather than spending a huge number of working hours fire-fighting supply chain and operating issues.
  • Step-change in efficiency levels: Doctors and clinics need to commit fewer hours to managing clinic operations, enabling practises to scale at much greater efficiency levels.
  • Revolutionary patient experience: Patients receive first-rate service levels from their doctors and medical cannabis clinics, reflective of the service levels received in most other industries in 2023.         
  • Reduced clinical risk: Platform governance reflects General Medical Council Guidance, providing risk mitigation for doctors and medical cannabis clinic staff and manages the appropriateness of each UK medical cannabis prescription. 

For private prescribers and UK medical cannabis clinics seeking to explore the groundbreaking capabilities of Script Assist and its transformative impact on UK medical cannabis prescriptions can schedule a platform demonstration. To book your demonstration and learn more, please contact the Script Assist team at

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