Are Germany’s Updated Cannabis Legalisation Plans a Step Backwards?

Watch the latest Volteface TV where Paul North and Katya Kowalski discuss the pros and cons of the two-tier German plan for legalisation....

by Volteface Team

On 12th April 2023, Minister of Health, Dr. Karl Lauterbach, and Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture, Cem Özdemir, held a press conference to announce the  updated German approach to legalised adult cannabis use.

Paul North and Katya Kowalski of Volteface sat down to debate the pros and cons of the proposed two tier action plan, which features a two-pillared approach to legalisation which permits non-commercial cultivation, both privately and as a part of cannabis social clubs (CSCs), and introduces a 5-year regional pilot project of licensed ‘specialist shops’.

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