Katya Kowalski


Katya Kowalski

Head of Operations

katya@volteface.me | @kowalskikatya

Katya is a drug policy expert with significant experience in research, policy and external engagement. She is Head of Operations at Volteface, the UK’s leading drug policy think tank. With a background in psychology she has a deep interest in the complex relationship between drug use and mental health. Katya’s recent work has focused on understanding the barriers of the UK’s medical cannabis system. Her latest Volteface report “Known Unknowns” examining the clinical limitations around prescribing. She has also submitted evidence to the Home Office on how they can best divert existing medical cannabis patients onto the legal market. Katya comments on the context and nuance surrounding drug use, along with the complexities and challenges of bringing cannabis into mainstream medicine. She has expertise in communicating the nuance of drug reform and is passionate about advocating for sensible, practical drug policy models, regularly commenting on the benefits of cannabis legalisation in the media. Katya holds a BSc in Psychology and MSc in Health Psychology, both from the University of Bath.

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