[Event] LEAP UK Launch

by Alastair Moore

February 29th is a leap day. What a perfect and rare opportunity to break the mould.

We’ve been operating for some time at LEAP UK. We’re a UK focused organisation of law enforcement figures who advocate reform of all drugs. We have hosted and been invited to speak at many events, regulars in the media and can be seen behind the scenes in many establishments, but believe it or not, we’ve never officially launched.

We work closely with our global allies within law enforcement to bring about the awareness of drug policy reform – LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) are an international group of criminal justice figures who have seen the copious harms of our punitive drug laws; they have been on the front-lines of a near literal war. Who better to convey the harms to our current approach and make recommendations based on evidence, compassion and sound logic?

When police, judges, undercover operatives, intelligence personnel, military officers and the whole pallet of colours within the pictures of the ‘drug war’ come forward to say “enough is enough”, we have to take notice.

LEAP UK launches on leap day – we’re hosting a press conference in the House of Commons. We hope that MPs will listen to our members:

When law enforcement stand with communities for drug policy reform… then the UK needs to ask why?

LEAP UK are also are collaborating with VolteFace.me – on February 29th we invite you: ‘Law Enforcement Says: Bring a Friend to End the War on Drugs’

7pm – 10pm, LEAP UK and VolteFace will be at the new Waterstones at Tottenham Court Road. We shall be having informal chats, rolling panel discussions, special guests and networking opportunities. You are all cordially and enthusiastically invited… but we again ask something of you… bring a friend. Bring your family. Bring people that have no real interest in drug law reform!

To try and extend the boundaries of reform is a tricky business. It’s no secret that we need the voting public to come forward to hold the politicians to account. As soon as the evidence can be shaped and digested so that the voting demographics can understand, then we will start to see real reforms take place. This is why we all have a duty to extend our reach and this is why we urge you to bring a plus 1.

So please, be with us for our LEAP day celebrations. As we steer towards UNGASS 2016 we are faced with a real opportunity to turn the tide. If the UK public lobbied their representatives, we will soon see the same cultural shift that has ended other historic injustices, oppressions and social stigmatisations. This is one of those issues where we’re truly all in this together.

This event is part of LEAP UK’s community outreach approach. Speakers from law enforcement will attend and host events to convey the merits of drug law reform to new audiences. March 1st sees the Maidstone Skeptics in The Pub hosting LEAP: (See here for more details).

LEAP UK and VolteFace Presents:

‘Law Enforcement Says: Bring a Friend to End the War on Drugs’
February 29th 7pm – 10pm at Waterstones Tottenham Court Road W1T 1BJ

Tickets Available here: EVENTBRITE TICKETS

Words by Jason Reed, a prominent writer and producer in the world of drug policy reform and Executive Director of LEAP UK.

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