Lisa Darvill

Lisa Darvill Volteface Head of Media

Lisa Darvill

Head of Media | @lisamdarvill

Lisa is a former broadcast journalist with over 10 years experience. Since starting a family, Lisa has stepped away from broadcasting and is using her expertise in the field to offer communications support and advice, as well as facilitating media training.

Specialising in radio, Lisa has worked as a reporter, newsreader, senior journalist, editor and producer for commercial stations as well as the BBC. During this time her work focused on human interest stories which aimed to give a voice to those in need within local communities. In 2017, she was nominated for an IRN award, and in 2020 she was part of a team recognised in the prestigious Radio Academy’s ARIAS. Her passion for broadcasting began in student radio during her time studying English at The University of Leeds. This led onto further studies, with Lisa achieving a Postgraduate Diploma in Broadcast Journalism from Leeds Trinity University. After years of working in broadcasting, Lisa is now passionate about passing on her experience and knowledge to help others get the most out of media opportunities.

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