Affordable care for all: Lyphe’s subscription program launches 

by Katya Kowalski

Lyphe Clinic have unveiled a new and exciting initiative to address one of the most significant challenges that medical cannabis patients in the UK face – the affordability of appointments. To learn more, we spoke to Sophie Gamwell, Lyphe’s Managing Director.

“At Lyphe we have been working exceptionally hard behind the scenes to design an initiative that ensures every patient receives the care they need, without financial strain. Our new subscription program provides significant savings to our patients, and for those who qualify for our patient access scheme.”


We see this as a new start for Lyphe with a huge focus on how we can provide the best possible service for patients – who are at the heart of everything we do. With new ownership and new ambition, we are looking forward to demonstrating our commitment to delivering patient centered care at an affordable price.”

Sophie explained, with a new vision and leadership, Lyphe is addressing patient access head on with a brand-new subscription program. They will be offering two distinct tiers of membership, designed to provide accessible and affordable healthcare to UK and Channel Islands patients:

Tier 1 All Patient Membership £19.99 per month (saving 43% annually)
Tier 2 Access Scheme Patient Membership £17.99 per month (saving 49% annually)

Recognising the financial strain many patients in the community face, Lyphe has created a tier specifically designed for existing T21 patients, serving and ex-members of the military, low-income individuals, and those with disabilities. If they want to become members, current T21 patients will automatically be given access to tier 2 while new patients will need to demonstrate eligibility.

“We wanted to make the subscription model as seamless as possible for the patient. That is why anyone currently from T21 that we have on record can automatically switch to the access scheme tier. Our access tier has been specifically designed so that we don’t leave patients without an affordable option.”

What are the main benefits of the program?

Becoming a Lyphe member through their new subscription model allows patients to enjoy the following perks: 

  • Significant Savings: Under the All Patients membership, patients will save 38% annually on appointments, while Access Scheme Patients will save 44%
  • Convenient Management: Easily manage your healthcare with regular check-ups, ensuring you stay on track with your treatment plan
  • Exclusive Discounts: Enjoy 10% off vape devices, CBD products, and accessories at our new Lyphe shop
  • Free Shipping: Receive free shipping on all prescription orders, adding to convenience and savings

“Forecasting expenses for medical cannabis patients is one of the most challenging things, given the inconsistent costs for consultations and medication every month. Our primary aim for this program is to provide patients with a low-cost fee that is consistent and predictable.”

Why launch a subscription program?

Over the last few months, Lyphe has conducted a series of patient focus groups to better understand their challenges and needs. The findings from this work helped to inform and tailor a program which addresses key patient concerns. 

Lyphe’s collaboration with their patients has helped ensure that anything that is launched, deeply resonates with the patient experience – the very group it aims to serve.

“At Lyphe we have been committed to ensuring that whatever we do has the patient in mind. That is why we are bringing out a package of changes that can really help improve the patient experience, giving back to the people that matter most to us.


That is why this subscription program has been designed off the back of focus groups with our patients to best understand what it is they are looking for in their care.”

Subscriber practicalities

The Lyphe subscription program is based on a 12 month term. If you want to cancel your membership early, they do offer a break clause. A low fee of 10% of your remaining balance will be charged upon exiting the subscription program. 

Understandably, the subscription model may not be for everyone. For that reason, patients can continue to be ‘pay as you go’ members, paying £49 for follow up appointments and £25 for repeat prescription appointments as needed.

“With the launch of this new perk, we are looking to give patients choice with how they want to receive their treatment at Lyphe. We recognise that some patients may not want to commit to a full year, but for those that do, we want to reward them with as low of a cost as possible.”

A positive step in the right direction

It is great to see initiatives like these taking place in the industry. At Volteface we are delighted to highlight good work that has a strong patient advocacy focus. With cost being the single most discussed barrier amongst patients, it’s excellent that work is taking place to make consultation costs as affordable as possible.

Lyphe will have a number of announcements to come over the coming months and will continue to look at ways they can enhance the value of their subscription program, so keep your eyes peeled for these in the future.

We will be holding a Lyphe webinar for medical cannabis patients on Wednesday 15 May at 18:00 to discuss their new offer in more detail. You can register here to attend. If you are interested in becoming a Lyphe member, click here to find out more.

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