New Initiative Aims To Improve The Medical Cannabis Industry By Putting Patients First

by Katya Kowalski


Volteface is today launching a new initiative that aims to improve the medical cannabis industry by giving patients a voice, and the chance to shape their future care. 

Partnering with Maple Tree Consultants, we have launched Patients First, a scheme which will pay medical cannabis patients for participating in professionally facilitated focus groups.  

Patients will have the opportunity to take part in market research to help improve industry standards and the quality of care they receive.  

Patient dissatisfaction with existing practices has been building over recent months, with frustrations being voiced across Facebook groups and Reddit forums, mainly with regards to the quality of UK medical cannabis. 

Patients First will provide a platform for medical cannabis users to express their concerns and give feedback directly to the industry, ensuring that their voices are accounted for. We want patients to give feedback on their experiences using medical cannabis, and give the industry an opportunity to engage constructively in a professional environment. 

Failing to give patients an opportunity to properly voice their concerns risks expanding the illicit market, as patients lose faith in legally-supplied cannabis.

We have decided to partner on the initiative to ensure that medical cannabis industry engagement is ethical, considered and a positive experience for the patient.

Alongside Maple Tree, we want to ensure that patient voices are heard, and a patient-focused approach is adopted across the industry. This innovative scheme aims to build a patient focused medical cannabis industry where companies put patients’ views, perspectives and experiences first. 

No personal information will be taken from patients due to the sensitive nature of the subject, and all information provided to industry groups will be anonymised. Information will be held on a secure database which will not be shared with any third parties and identities will remain anonymous.

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