Cannabis Reform in Spain

  The first public event for the European Cannabis Advocacy Network will take place on the 17th of December, which will be focusing on cannabis reform in Ireland and Spain. Each month we will be inviting advocates from two European countries to discuss the current state of cannabis reform in their country, and shine a … Continued

Are ‘Pseudodelics’ The Future For Mental Health?

  Psychedelics, substances that produce non-ordinary states of consciousness, are currently being heralded as the therapeutic saviours for our long-standing mental health crisis, with preliminary studies showing promising results for psilocybin, MDMA and Ketamine-assisted therapy for depression, PTSD and addiction.  However, whatever way you dress it up, the psychedelic trip and all it entails (insert … Continued

When Will The Media Take Drug Deaths Seriously?

  Media reporting has time and again failed to provide correct information about the circumstances of drug deaths, evidencing the stigma and disdain with which those who take drugs are treated. Last week, news outlets reported the story of a 23-year-old who tragically died shortly after consuming edibles laced with synthetic cannabinoids. On March 29, … Continued

The Survivor-Led Organisations Fighting Back Against The War on Drugs

In 2021, recorded drug deaths in America tragically surpassed 100,000. That’s more than every American soldier killed in action since World War II – including in Vietnam, Korea, both Iraq wars and Afghanistan – put together. According to the CDC, there were 100,306 fatal overdoses, three quarters of which were from opiates, 64% from fentanyls. As experts … Continued