Opinion: Stop Calling it Recreational Use

  Oftentimes we are keen to distinguish between medical and recreational cannabis use. But does this distinction do more harm than good for advancing recreational reform? Many assume that this distinction is an important one, but is it? By no means should the medicinal properties that cannabis possesses for treating a range of health conditions … Continued

All Good Points: Wildest Story of 2020

  In another busy week for cannabis reformers, this episode of All Good Points covers a range of topics including: The MORE Act passing in the US: big news or just symbolic? Cancard update! Should the UK legalise cannabis to help erase Covid debt? Who won the Dutch tenders? Celebrity watch! Is Scotland a good country … Continued

Editorial – New Leaf Opportunity: Beyond Brexit, Countering Covid

  Volteface is pleased to announce the launch of ‘New Leaf Opportunity’, a campaign focusing on the economic benefits, innovations and investment opportunities that medical cannabis and CBD can bring to the UK in 2021. This campaign is spearheaded by Volteface, featuring innovative medical cannabis company Kanabo, investment group Spinnaker Opportunities, legal firm Ince and … Continued

Culture: The Re-branding of Cannabis in the Music Industry

  Views on the normalisation of cannabis in society is firmly dependent on social interactions, who you are talking to, and their relationship with it. There will be some in society that rarely encounter cannabis or those who use it, and are unlikely to perceive cannabis as an element of mainstream British culture. On the other … Continued

UN Vote: Cannabis is Officially a Medicine

  Yesterday, history was made with the UN reclassifying cannabis. This removes cannabis from the list of most dangerous narcotics, recognising its medical value. The decision was voted on by the Commission for Narcotic Drugs. A series of recommendations on reclassifying cannabis were considered, the key being the removal of it from Schedule IV of … Continued

New Dutch Bill Plans put a Stop to Risky Designer Drugs

  A new Dutch bill plans to prohibit entire groups of new psychoactive substances (NPS), instead of just one specific substance. Minister of Justice and Safety, Ferdinand Grapperhaus, plans on putting these NPS-groups on the opium list, making it illegal for vendors to sell them. As of now, many of these different types of drugs … Continued

Vancouver Votes to Decriminalise All Drugs: What Now?

    Last week Vancouver City Council voted to decriminalise all drugs, though it still requires federal approval before it is officially enacted. If approved, this is huge. Vancouver would be the first Canadian city to decriminalise personal possession of illicit drugs, following in the path that Oregon has paved earlier this month.  This legislation … Continued