Why Centrists Should Support Drug Policy Reform

Arguments about drug policy reform often focus exclusively on the left and the right… yet, in all this we forget that whilst our political system may be split between two parties, a large section of the public identifies as centrists Arguments about drug policy reform often focus exclusively on the left and the right; after … Continued

High Pride: Cannabis Must Be Inclusive

“I don’t think there is proportional representation as far as the industry goes. When I go to conferences, I tend to be the only gay in the village.” As a queer journalist who has spent the last few years in the cannabis space, I have often written about the importance of LGBT+ inclusion in the … Continued

Why European Drug Gangs Love Guernsey

This British tax haven has proven to be a lucrative destination for criminals over the years. Hannah Willey and Karli Wellington drove off the ferry towards Guernsey’s customs’ checkpoint. Inside their Audi, there was 1.2 kilos of cocaine and four kilos of cannabis. The drugs had been double vacuum-packed then dipped in white spirit to … Continued

We Need To Talk About Cannabis Dependency

  Between the narrative that nothing natural could ever do us any real harm, and scaremongering ideas that – even if it doesn’t act as a gateway to the use of stronger substances – smoking cannabis will turn you into a lazy, paranoid and ultimately useless member of society, the space for nuanced interpretations is … Continued

The Benzo Research Project: a UK Platform for Young People

  If you’re from the UK or US, you’ve most likely heard of benzodiazepines, or ‘benzos’ for short. They’re commonly used as a form of tranquilliser in medical fields for treating anxiety and sleep disorders. When prescribed by medical professionals and taken correctly, benzos such as diazepam can be lifesavers for individuals experiencing anxiety attacks … Continued

Are Psychedelic Patents Ethical?

  As the revolutionary therapeutic potential of psychedelics resurfaces in popular consciousness, pharmaceutical companies are scrambling for patents over psychedelic compounds and therapies.  The unique characteristics of psychedelics provoke a plethora of ethical implications in intellectual property law and our capitalist society more broadly; namely, that the patenting of psychedelic compounds promotes biopiracy and threatens … Continued

Want To Put An End To Human Trafficking? Reform Drug Policy.

  There are unimaginable amounts of money to be made through covertly manufacturing and transporting drugs. When that takes place in the shadows, outside civilised society and free of law and order, it inevitably results in brutality and tragedy. In November 2020, Orges Rizak and Agustin Grembi were arrested at a converted industrial building in … Continued