Strengthening the European Psychedelic Ecosystem: Partnership Between Octarine Bio and Clerkenwell Health

  The announcement of a partnership between Clerkenwell Health and Octarine Bio signals a momentous time for the growth and development of the European psychedelic ecosystem. This exciting partnership between these innovative startups aims to advance patient access to psychedelic treatments in Europe, and improve the quality of the psychedelic medicines produced in Europe.  Clerkenwell Health … Continued

Opinion: Why the Cannabis Sector Needs Feminising

We know a lot about cannabis. Anecdotally, through academic studies, and even Seth Rogen & Snoop Dogg’s twitter accounts. However, women’s relationship to and use patterns with cannabis are rarely discussed.  Women’s pain is internal and inherent. We are directed as a first port of call toward medicines that carry risks of blood clots higher … Continued

Opinion: Psychedelic Decriminalisation Only Scratches the Surface

Decriminalising psychedelic drugs is undoubtedly an important step for social justice. However, there is a much larger issue that needs to be addressed for the psychedelic movement. To see real and widespread change, psychedelic drugs must be accepted in the mainstream medical framework with regulatory clarity setting out a structured pathway. Decriminalisation is necessary but … Continued

The Response to Dame Black’s Review Misses the Mark

The government last week released their official response to Dame Carol Black’s Independent Review of Drugs parts one and two, a disappointing culmination of the insightful work of Dame Black on the matter since February 2019.  The response by Health Secretary Sajid Javid, Home Secretary Priti Patel, and Sponsor Minister for Combating Drug Misuse Kit … Continued

Opinion: Sha’Carri Richardson’s Olympics Ban Demonstrates There is Still Work to be Done to Change Public Opinion on Cannabis Usage

When discussing cannabis reform, it’s often in relation to the immediate spheres of society, where prohibition has taken priority over harm reduction, and consumers are at immediate risk of harms perpetuated by existing policy. Undoubtedly this is an important focal point, especially in the UK where we still have some way to go with respect … Continued

Volteface Interview: The High Minds Brand with Danielle Morgan

Cannabis is being progressively recontextualised through innovative design solutions, helping to clean up the heavily stigmatised image of the plant. Volteface’s Katya Kowalski interviewed Danielle Morgan, founder of High Minds, a newly launched Irish cannabis lifestyle brand and online store.  What got you interested in the cannabis space in the first place? I was brought … Continued