New Script Assist App launches Find a Doctor

Revolutionising the way patients can access medical cannabis 

by Volteface Team

The Script Assist app has launched a brand new ‘Find a Doctor’ feature – revolutionising the patient journey by enabling patients to effortlessly select a specialist condition specific doctor in the private sector and start a seamless prescribing journey, all in the app.

The app is a patient-facing technology solution, empowering them to not only choose their doctor but have the entire prescribing process managed in one place – from booking an appointment directly into the doctor’s diary to ordering repeat prescriptions from a live inventory. 

Once a patient has selected a Specialist doctor based on the conditions they treat and their location, patients also have the option to use their private health insurance to cover the cost of the consultation if the selected doctor is covered by their particular insurance policy. This is simply because the patient is seeing a clinician for a superior holistic treatment plan (which now includes medical cannabis) to treat their condition; rather than purely and exclusively for cannabis treatment. 

Lauren, a patient using the Script Assist app said: 

“I found my whole process with Script Assist to be such an easy and efficient process. My doctor was really lovely and knowledgeable. My initial appointment wasn’t rushed at all and I was able to have an actual proper chat with him about my condition. More often than not appointments at cannabis clinics previously have been rushed to just a few minutes. I feel strongly about pain management being a holistic practice rather than lasered in on one treatment, which is what I’ve felt like with my experience with Script Assist so far with my clinician taking into account cannabis prescribing amongst a wider set of factors. It’s really felt like I’ve been receiving premium clinical care for my cannabis treatment. Alongside my experience with the clinician, the functions of the Script Assist app have allowed me to feel way more in control of my condition management with daily tracking of symptoms.” 

This approach and model is designed to ensure patients are still given the exceptional quality of care by a doctor they should expect from the private sector – but now with the added benefit of seeing a doctor who is equipped and prepared to prescribe medical cannabis if, as and when it is required. The goal of the app is to ensure patients receive this premium holistic care that now includes medical cannabis, and the digital advantage to manage their prescription all in one place.

To see how the app works, click on the links below for a video demonstration:

  1. Check Your Eligibility for a medicinal cannabis prescription
  2. Choose Your Doctor: Effortlessly select the right doctor for your needs from a list of private doctors who can prescribe through Script Assist.
  3. Book and Join Consultations: Seamlessly schedule and join your consultations via the app with doctors offering Live Diary Access.
  4. Payment and Tracking: Conveniently pay and track your UK medical cannabis prescriptions through the app, ensuring next-day delivery when you pay by 3pm.
  5. Repeat Prescriptions: Easily request repeat medicinal cannabis prescriptions from products that are in-stock and available to you.

The technology is designed to give patients as much control and choice over their patient journey as possible – from selecting a clinician, to booking in an appointment and ordering repeat prescriptions of medications which are delivered within 24 hours.

The Script Assist team have spent years examining how the medical cannabis sector can move beyond the ‘cannabis clinic’ model and bring cannabis medicines into the private healthcare setting. The Script Assist app does exactly this by providing the patient with Specialist clinicians within private practices across the UK.

Doctors have responded exceptionally well to the numerous features the app has which have been developed specifically to reduce risks of providing and a clear pathway to navigate the intricate maze of medical cannabis compliance, regulation and supply.

“I have waited a long time for a platform like Script Assist to come along. They have created a platform that is needed to implement emerging therapies to wider healthcare. It’s a slick and professional process!” – Dr K. Psychiatrist, Manchester

Rather than using clunky, old fashioned clinical management systems, the Script Assist app allows doctors and clinics to seamlessly manage all their medical cannabis patient’s needs, improving patient care and clinical oversight.

Through the Script Assist app, Independent doctors, and clinical organisation can now: 

  • Access other experts through accessing daily online MDT’s
  • View live inventory levels 24/7
  • Enable efficient one-click repeats
  • Access live diary management and appointment scheduling

Script Assist is launching the Find a Doctor platform with 5 doctors. With a database of over 140 trained clinicians, they expect a gradual increase of doctors from a range of specialisms joining in the coming weeks, particularly as trained doctors become more familiar and comfortable with prescribing cannabis.

The Script Assist app is ready to download via the Apple Store or Google Play, and the Script Assist team is on hand to implement the new technology within any existing clinic in the UK. To find out more contact them:

Download the Script Assist App to connect with a doctor for a medicinal cannabis prescription. To be kept up to date with the latest features of Script Assist, follow them on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn

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