We just received an interesting notice in our inbox from some researchers at UCL. See what they had to say about the work they do below.​

How does nicotine influence the subjective, cognitive and physiological effects of cannabis?

We are looking for healthy participants who smoke joints (cannabis & tobacco together) age 18-50.

This University College London based​ ​study involves smoking a combination of cannabis and tobacco, and inactive placebos of both across 4 days, separated by about one week. Each testing session lasts about 1.5hours​ ​(apart from the first which is 2 hours)​. ​You will be reimbursed for your time.​ ​You will leave with the knowledge that you have contributed to our understanding of the effects of cannabis and further progress in medical and psychological research. In addition, you will be given a one page summary of results when the study has finished​.​

Participation is completely confidential. You must be London-based, in good physical and mental health, able to pass a drug test on each da​y. ​

If you are interested in taking part​ ​or would like more information​ ​please email c.hindocha@ucl.ac.uk.

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