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We are Volteface

  1. We’re a cross-party, non-partisan advocacy group dedicated to advancing progressive drug policy.

  2. We operate like a political think tank mixed with a modern media platform.

  3. We champion evidence-based policies with a broad base of stakeholders.

  4. We are pragmatic and open public and private sector solutions to complex drug-related issues.

  5. We focus on developing fresh arguments and narratives for the media and the public.

What We Do


We build coalitions and run multi-stakeholder campaigns on specific drug policy-related issues.

These campaigns are aimed at regulators, policymakers, media and the public.


We develop thought leadership reports that change the narrative on issues in the press or with the public. These data and research-backed reports allow us to engage stakeholders openly and credibly.


Stigma, morality, and political narratives all play a role in the development of drug policies. We co-develop and publish news, multi-media content, and opinion pieces on the most pressing drug policy topics of the day.

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