We All Heart Jane

by Abbie Llewelyn

Jane is a new online cannabis marketplace launched just yesterday, where you can legally browse cannabis products and order them to your house. Currently, they deliver to Santa Cruz and are planning to be operational in more US cities: Denver, San Francisco and Boston.

On iheartjane.com, you can discover cannabis products in the catalogue, find shops and browse their menus and order for delivery or pick up. Jane, while only basic website right now, has been marked down to be the “Amazon of weed” and is a pioneering effort to bring the legal cannabis market in the US into the 21st century. As more states legalise and even nations in Europe and elsewhere, it is likely that more sites like this will start to crop up.

The platform is reminiscent of recommendations made in our latest policy paper, The Green Screen, in which Mike Power proposes that an online regulated cannabis market would be the best way to implement legalisation in the UK. The main differences lie in how strictly regulated the site is –  for example, Jane simply requires the customer to confirm that they are over the age of 21, rather than having to go through a secure identification process.

A similar, but more comprehensive website, www.tweedmainstreet.com, has recently been set up for mail order in Canada, and medical cannabis has been available online there for a number of years. However, Jane is the first website in the US to have access to local dispensaries’ point-of-sale data. Unlike other online catalogues like Leafly, you can track the inventories of local weed shops in real time, so that you can find where you can get what you want.

Jane CEO Socrates Rosenfeld told Yahoo Finance: “Consumers today want a certain experience when shopping online; they expect smarter searches with custom recommendations, and we believe the cannabis industry should be no difference. By partnering with dispensaries who pride themselves on providing the highest quality products and services to their community, we help consumers become more confident in the way they shop for cannabis.”

Words by Abbie Llewelyn. Tweets @Abbiemunch

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