Moral Panic in the Time of Smokeless Tobacco

Dick Puddlecote has been having some fun raking over the mountain of correspondence between Action on Smoking and Health and their sponsors in government. E-mails reveal the vigour with which the vaper’s suppposed friends at this state-funded sockpuppet lobbied for e-cigarettes to be regulated as medicines and then, when that failed, were determined to see Article 20 of the Tobacco Products … Continued

Just Keep Them Away From The Sherbet Fountains

‘For the bureaucrat, the world is a mere object to be manipulated by him’ – Karl Marx After successful experiments in Uruguay and parts of the USA, the relegalisation of cannabis in Britain is no longer a distant dream and the Liberal Democrats should be applauded for spelling out what a post-prohibition cannabis market could look … Continued


  Eighty three years after Prohibition was repealed, can there be anything new to say about the ‘noble experiment’? Lisa McGirr’s new history The War on Alcohol emphatically answers that question in the affirmative. Historians have tended to write about Prohibition as if it was doomed from the start and have therefore focused on the … Continued