Vaccine Woman and Naloxone Man join forces: How the third sector could play a critical role in the vaccine rollout

  The new, more dangerous strain of COVID 19 has raised pressures facing substance misuse services to an all-time high. As more community workers contract the virus, and their close contacts and colleagues are forced to self-isolate, concern is growing for the welfare of service users and the challenges ahead. Martin Blakebrough, CEO at Kaleidoscope, … Continued

Opinion: Unfamiliar Ground | Kaleidoscope and COVID-19

  A crisis such as this forces pressing issues to the foreground, issues that governments have long avoided taking sufficient measures to solve. Our under-funded health surface, often cruel welfare system and unacceptable numbers of street homeless are now frighteningly visible to all. But, as the country faces a shutdown unparalleled in living memory, we … Continued

Comment: Why drug deaths in Wales are a National Emergency

  Wales is facing a public health emergency as drug related deaths rise to alarming levels. Martin Blakebrough, CEO of Kaleidoscope Project & ARCH Initiatives, examines how in spite of government support of current initiatives and largely unaffected drug treatment budgets in Wales, drug related deaths continue to rise unabated. Martin argues that access to … Continued