Word on the Tree: Election Round-Up

This post is brought to you by Word on the Tree, VolteFace contributor Mona Zhang‘s cannabis newsletter. Sign up here. Cannabis won big on election night. It was a good night for state-level legalization measures. So far, in California, Massachusetts, and Nevada, voters chose to legalize adult-use cannabis. Arkansas, Florida, and North Dakota approved medical … Continued

The Maine Event

“I think [November’s] going to be a watershed moment for legalisation in general,” said Rob Hunt, director at Teewinot Life Sciences. Hunt’s resume boasts stints as an attorney, consultant, and entrepreneur in the cannabis industry. Like many others who work in America’s sort-of-legal cannabis industry, he sees the coming election as a tipping point for … Continued

How Cannabis Legalisation Can Help Remedy Social Injustices

In 1992, Amir Varick Amma was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison on drug charges. Convicted of two nonviolent drug felonies, he was unfortunate to be sentenced under the Rockefeller drug laws – resulting in a harsh sentence typically reserved for murderers. After drug law reforms were passed in New York in 2004 … Continued

The Rise Of The Cannabis Connoisseur

Back in 2014, a man named Sean Azzariti made the first state-legal cannabis purchase in Colorado. Azzariti, an Iraq-war veteran, happily forked over about $60 for an eighth (4 grams) of Bubba Kush and some edibles. His huge grin was splashed atop news articles about the momentous occasion. “I think for most cannabis consumers, the fact that … Continued