Drug Policy: One Year On

by Calum Armstrong

What’s happened over the last year in drug policy? Have we made any progress? Has there been any tangible effort to reform our drug laws from within Westminster?

Now’s your time to have your say and join us for the next live podcast recording for Stop and Search on the Distraction Pieces Network.

Joining us at Waterstones Tottenham Court Road on March 1st will be a panel that have been on the frontlines of communication – to talk about drugs and politics we have:

  • Ronnie Cowan MP – as Member of Parliament for Inverclyde, Ronnie has gone on to write about drug law reform and has hosted regional events.
  • Damien Gayle – Guardian correspondent, Damien, has reported on drug policy for a few years, being the first to break stories on many occasions.  
  • Sally Hayden – working with Vice, Time, FT, Thomas Reuters Foundation, Sally has covered drugs and international stories from a wide spectrum.

The reason we assemble this panel is due to the fact they all wrote about LEAP UK’s launch in parliament on February 29th – leap day. Opening the newest chapter to the international organisation of law enforcement who campaign to reform our drug laws, LEAP UK held a conference in the Palace of Westminster to convey the urgent need for drug law reform from across the whole enforcement spectrum – from police, intelligence officers, military, undercover operatives, and not to mention journalist Johann Hari and Rose Humphrey from Anyone’s Child, all made a compelling case for a rethink on drugs. In attendance were journalists, MPs, and a gallery of interested parties.

One year later and we allow ourselves a reflective period – an allowance to assess. What can we learn from international examples? Can we explore regional options for drug law reform in the UK? And will the current political and economic arena impact on the case for drug policy reform?

Join us and have your say – our podcast; Stop and Search is produced so that we can have an open discussion – so your participation would be most welcome.

Pop along to Waterstones in Tottenham Court Road on March 1st at 7pm and join in the conversation. Tickets are free, book now.

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