Green Planet

Instead of helping us become ‘one with the world,’; is drug taking actually contributing in some way to destroying our planet? Beyond its title being a rollicking triptych of double-e’s, Gary Potter’s thesis turned eco-cannabis handbook Weed, Need and Greed has presented something of a standout in the Volteface drug policy library since landing through … Continued

Outer Squalor, Inner Ecstasy

There’s a scene in The Look of Love – the 2013 biopic of adult entertainment mogul and one time richest man in Britain Paul Raymond – where the self styled ‘sex king of Soho’ (played by Steve Coogan) tries to impress his date with a little story: Soho, as Raymond tells us, was where our … Continued

Poland Votes To Legalise Medical Cannabis

Polish lawmakers have this week voted to legalise medical cannabis. The EU member voted overwhelmingly in favour of the move – only 2 politicians out of 443 voting against the bill. Pending approval from the senate, the legislation will make Poland the latest country to embrace medicinal cannabis, joining the likes of the Czech Republic, Portugal … Continued

US Hospitals are Overrun with Opioid Related Issues

The Washington Post reports that hospitalisations for opioid related issues have increased sharply in recent years. The US government has this week published new data which reveals that there has been a ’64 percent increase for inpatient care and a 99 percent jump for emergency room treatment compared to figures from 2005′ in regards to opioid related hospitalisations. … Continued

Drug Testing Pioneers ‘The Loop’ Announce New Partnerships

Festival season has arrived, and drug testing pioneers The Loop have today received the support of an array of influential figures across music, policing, event management and public health. The Loop have received well deserved plaudits for their groundbreaking Multi Agency Safety Testing (MAST) service, which they are set to provide at up to nine UK … Continued

Scottish National Party Manifesto Contains Nothing on Drugs

The Scottish National Party have today launched their manifesto for the 2017 general election. The SNP voted in favour of legalising medicinal cannabis at their party conference last October, however their manifesto includes no mention of cannabis (the word ‘drugs’ appearing only once: in the context of Brexit’s potential impact on the UK’s relationship with the European Medicines Agency…) … Continued

Labour Manifesto Launches But Drug Policy Remains Missing

The Labour Party launched their manifesto for the upcoming general election this morning at Bradford University. We already know that the manifesto – a version of which leaked last week – contains next to nothing on the subject of drugs or drug policy, as Volteface’s resident treatment advisor Paul North explains: Labour should be the party that shouts the … Continued