A Red Letter Day: The VolteFace Selection

by Henry Fisher


Sign up to the VolteFace Selection, our new weekly newsletter of highlights from the previous week from the worlds of drug policy, business and culture. 

Each week we’ll bring you the best VolteFace has had to offer and a few favourites from elsewhere, as well as a list of upcoming events that have sparked our interest.

Far from being an exhaustive list, we’ll aim to bring you the best bits from our week and whatever else has piqued our curiosity, but where to go if you want to make sure you don’t miss a drug-related news beat?

Here’s our recommendations of the best newsletters anyone with an eye on drugs news should be signed up to to make sure nothing gets past:

DS Daily, the peerless daily round-up of drug related news from the UK and elsewhere, run by DrugWise in association with Drink & Drug News, is your one-stop shop for all stories drug-related. It’s not often an article gets past these eyes.

The monthly Transform newsletter picks out the most relevant stories in UK-based drug policy reform, while also notifying on the latest policy reports in the field.

For the biggest stories in international drug policy, the monthly IDPC newsletter is not to be missed. The biggest global developments in drug policy are all covered here.

The US-based daily newsletter Word on the Tree, Curated by Mona Zhang, focusses specifically on the day’s cannabis news, with the odd story on other drugs thrown in for good measure. While plenty of cannabis-related newsletters and aggregators exist, and despite its US focus, this is our favourite for covering everything happening in the world of cannabis.

For those with an interest in psychedelics and psychedelic culture, the weekly Heads News newsletter is a must. Curated by Jesse Jarnow, the newsletter is both entertaining and meticulous in detail. If a story is at all psychedelic in content, then chances are you’ll find it here.

Sign up to the VolteFace Selection here.


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