Cannabis and Young People: A call for contributors

by Paul North



Volteface is investigating how effectively UK policies around cannabis are safeguarding young people.

Theresa May has promised that she is pursuing a war on drugs, and that such an approach is working. While such strong rhetoric might sound convincing, we want to know what this  stance actually looks like in the context of cannabis and what the ramifications are for young people.

While such a position is strong on rhetoric, Volteface wants to know how this corresponds to what is actually happening on the ground in terms of cannabis policy and the ramifications of this for young people.

To do this, we are looking for the voices of those with direct experience of the issue, who can talk to us on-the-record or anonymously.

This could be your chance to have a say and help inform Volteface’s findings, messages and conclusions. We can provide a platform for your experiences and use your expertise to shape public policy on cannabis.

If you meet the criteria set out below, please get in touch with us at

We are keen to speak to individuals who:

  • Are young people who have recently been given education on cannabis in schools
  • Are young people who have been affected by their cannabis use
  • Are family members of young people who have been affected by their cannabis use
  • Are practitioners in drug treatment and mental health services who work with young people who have been affected by their cannabis use
  • Work in schools and are involved with, or have experience, of PSHE
  • Work in the criminal justice system, such as police, youth offending teams, magistrates, barristers, judges
  • Work in public health, such as commissioners, public health consultants


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