Research Call for Participants: Drug Policy Voices

by Ant Lehane



A team of researchers from Manchester Metropolitan University are gathering anecdotal evidence from those who have ‘lived experience’ with drug use for an upcoming project. The team, led by Dr Rebecca Askew recognise the importance of listening to those most impacted by current drug policy and want to hear from them!

Read below for more information and to find out how to get involved!

Drug Policy Voices is three-year ESRC funded project which aims to integrate the experiences and opinions of people who have used drugs/compounds/psychoactive substances into debates about drug policy reform. We believe in giving a voice to a range of people that have personal experiences as they are often most affected by policy but routinely left out of the debate.

Rebecca Askew leads the project at Manchester Metropolitan University with Melissa Bone from the University of Leicester. The research has two phases, the first is a survey, which is to understand experiences and values surrounding substances and drug policy. The second phases will be a series of workshops debating the issues raised in the survey in further detail.

Please visit for more information and to sign up to our mailing list. You can follow us on twitter @DrugPolicyVoic1.

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