Honouring colleagues who have passed away

by George McBride

Dear Drug Policy Reform colleagues:

As you may remember DPA produced a brief, well-received “in memoriam” presentation during 2015 REFORM conference, to honour colleagues who had passed away in the preceding two years. This emotional tribute honoured drug policy reformers from all walks of life – activists, harm reduction workers, board members, scholars, elected and other government officials, prominent personalities, etc. – who had advanced any aspect of drug policy reform.

This year, we’ll again honour and pay tribute to drug policy reformers who died since we last gathered in November 2015, and institutionalise the “in memoriam” segment as an important segment of the REFORM conference. As the drug policy reform movement matures, such reflections offer the opportunity to honour those who came before, and for many, provide greater context for our work moving forward.

Please help by suggesting names of individuals who died in the time since we last gathered for the REFORM conference in Washington, DC. It can be anybody who helped advance any aspect of drug policy reform, behind the scenes or out front, prominent or not. I’m collecting their names, photos, dates of birth and home countries – so please send suggestions to Volteface (info@volteface.me). Please also send any information you have that may help – such as contact info for an organisation, colleague or family member.

We’ll also reach out for suggestion from other longtime drug policy reform leaders around the world, but you’ll get us off to a great start by sending your suggestions.

With thanks in advance,

Derek Hodel

Interim Executive Director

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