A Case Against Complacency

Fentanyls are creeping into the UK drug supply and the risks they pose to people who use drugs have become one of the major public health concerns of 2017. Fentanyls are a synthetic opiate in the same family as heroin, but are far more potent on a weight for weight basis. Fentanyl can be 25 … Continued

Calling Techno Tories

We are delighted to be partnering again with the Adam Smith Institute, and for the first time with the Night Time Industries Association, to present a fringe event at this year’s Conservative Party Conference on club drugs, harm reduction, and the night time economy. Clubbing may not be all attendees’ top priority, but with the Conference returning to Manchester, … Continued

The United Patients Alliance Announced A Promising Speakers List For Its Medical Cannabis Conference

This Saturday 30 September, the Medical Cannabis Conference and Annual General Assembly of the United Patients Alliance will host a series of talks from different experts. The panel includes a diverse range of great speakers: from members of Parliament to private actors invested in the legal cannabis industry, to think tank members, academics and non-profit … Continued

Volteface Report Cited In Parliamentary Debate On Drugs

Yesterday, the House of Commons debated national drug policy, following the government’s announcement of their “new” drug strategy last week. It received biting criticism from both sides of the house, with strong arguments made against prohibition from a number of MPs, including Conservative MP and former criminal justice minister Crispin Blunt. In his energising speech … Continued