An Announcement of the Literary Variety

by Alastair Moore

Still reeling from the massive show of support at our launch party, coupled with the release of the first print edition of our magazine, we decided now was the time to make an announcement of the literary variety.

Since we started VolteFace we have come across a steady stream of authors who write about drugs. From drug policy, the international drug trade, histories and medical insights into cannabis – a vast array of writers are influenced by or analytical of the culture around drugs. We have been blown away by the all encompassing research, deep compassion, fresh approaches, oft-unheard voices and the words of wisdom we have witnessed. This is why we want to launch VolteFace Book Club.

Next month we are hosting our first Book Club event. The book we’ve chosen for this maiden voyage is Tom Wainwright’s ‘Narconomics: How to Run a Drug Cartel’. (Anyone interested in coming along can drop us a message at

Tom Wainwright's 'Narconomics'

Tom Wainwright’s ‘Narconomics’

This is not our first literary event.

We had the absolute pleasure of hosting the warm and patient Dr David Casarett late last year. Launching his book ‘Stoned, A Doctors Guide to Medical Marijuana‘ in the UK, gave us a taste for the atmosphere of the literature-focused gathering. Over the months to come we will be exploring and discussing the words of many a great author.

We would like to invite you on this journey between the pages.

Dr David Casarett with Steve Moore

Dr David Casarett with Steve Moore


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